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Farming Riverside Guide

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Farming Riverside Including Zealots and Hill Giants




Healing 11 + 2 = 13

Smiting 10 + 2 + 1 (head tat) = 13

Sword 10



Distracting Blow

Sever Artery


Healing Breeze

Symbol of Wrath

Shield of Judgment

Bane Signet / Free Slot - I usually swap this slot various times to just mess around. With this build you don't even need this slot. Use whatever you want.

Recommended Items: (Not needed but helps a lot)

Sword with 15% longer enchantments

Focus Item with +1 to Healing while using Healing Breeze

Major Smite rune, Major Healing rune, Superior Vigor

The Path:

From the start of the mission, just stick to your left. Bypass all the White Mantles and head for the tunnel. There will be a few undead at the end, 1 archer and 3 minions. Run past them or own them with your smite by running at the archer and throwing on SoJ followed by Healing Breeze. When the minions are up on you attacking, throw on SoW. They should drop like flies. Continue up the hill and head through the arches. Continue sticking to your left after you walk through them, then head the up the hill and you should end up at a little U style turn with an Executioner and 2 minions. Same routine but focus on the Executioner - SoJ + HB + SoW. Continue to slice -n- dice the Executioner with your sword. They should drop within 5 seconds.

Continue over the hill and you will find 2 chests with various items. I've gotten things from salvageable armors to gold. Move further up and you will see 2 more chests. Proceed up the hill and you should see a boss. Your choice whether to kill him or not, I usually do.

Now you should have the building in sight where the Zealots hang out. You can either run straight to the building, bypassing the Executioner and minions, or just own them like you did the others.

The Zealots:

Ok, so now you're in the building. You see 2 Zealots in there, one to the right and one to the left. Check the left side Zealot to see if he is within range to lure. If not, proceed to the one on the right. Make sure you are fully recharged with energy and all your skills are ready to use. Approach the zealot and throw on SoJ + HB + SoW while slashing him with your sword to gain adrenaline. When Sever Artery is available, use it. By this time he should be about to use his healing signet, so wait a second or two until you see him activating it. Interrupt the signet with Distracting Blow. Right after that, hit him with Gash. Then hit him with your EXTRA skill if you want, but not needed. The Zealot should drop in less than 20 seconds if your timing is right. My fastest time was 11 seconds. =)

Check the left side Zealot and lure him out. Continue with the same process.

Now outside there should be a Priest, Zealot, Mantle and Abbot. This is the tough part. I usually lure out the Mantle and Abbot together. Then target the Abbot, doing the same order of skills you would with the Zealots. After you kill those, proceed to the Priest and Zealot. Same thing, but target the Priest. Zealot should be right on you as well, so wait till he is before you throw on SoW. This is a bit tougher and takes longer, but you are taking on 2 level 24's, so expect that.

Now straight across the entrance to the building where the Zealots once were. There is a bridge. Wait a bit until the Mantles regroup by the tower and stay out of their sight. Head to the bridge and you should see another Zealot. Use the same skills once more. SoJ + HB + SoW ..Sever Artery..Distracting Blow..Gash..Free skill slot.

Ok, now assuming you are skilled enough and have killed all 4 Zealots, head back to the building where they once were and grab the Orr. This should bring out another lvl 18 Zealot as well as a lvl 24 Justicar. Kill these once again using the same order of skills. You're DONE! Enjoy the loot and repeat process until you get insanely bored.

Hill Giants:

I hate these bastards, but it can be done with this build if you lure 2 at a time. Even with 2 it's a chore. These are located in the hills to the left before you reach the Orr cap point. The trick to these Hill Giants, if you do not use a stance that stops knockdown, is to time your skills properly so they don't interrupt them. Once they interrupt one of your skills, it's over. You need to run because they will just own you. If you were able to execute your skills without interruption, you should be fine. The timing on using your skills is a bit different than Zealots, because you must use these after getting knocked down by both Giants. It's tough and can be done with a different build, but I can pull it off with this one.
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