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Unread postby Bagwellfan16 » Mon Jul 18, 2005 8:02 pm

Hey I need help. Could someone please tell me exactly how to set up my party bot for a lvl 45 BLM. I dont really know how the delay thing works so I need someone to tell me how to set up macros and the bot to cast aspir and drain prefight and endfight if possible (need to lvl up drk). and I think the only other spell i need is Blizz II maybe another spell but I dont know how far apart they should be to get Hate. I think i usually cast Blizz II about 2 times in between the drain/aspirs. Anyways any help would be appretiated. Thank You

Also if you think i should mix any other spells in there that would help and tell me how i should change the delay if i want to insert a different spell with a different delay.
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Unread postby Bagwellfan16 » Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:10 am

Can anyone please give me any kinds of examples. of how i set up the delay. Thanks
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Unread postby Drbones420 » Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:00 am

I dont think it works like that, it cant detect when your fighting monsters only hits macro's in order 1-whichever u set to on in consecutive order. example: i use it while hunting NM's: macro 1 is for invis, /ma "Invisible" <me> , macro 2 for refresh, /ma "Refresh" <me>. i set the first one in the party bot for 00:06, and the second one for 01:30. now what it does when i hit start (after starting NM hunter) is wait 6 seconds cast invis, wait 1:24 cast refresh repeat. so the timing is cumulative. so its hard for a party but good for skilling up self magic skills or smn skill if the other bots dont work for u
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Unread postby Pyrolol » Mon Jan 02, 2006 1:55 pm

Its pretty hard to make an effective party bot really - they ideally need to be able to get information from ffxi as well tbh.
I think theyve done a good job of making it work a bit, without making it too hard for most people to use without knowledge of scripting.
For a blm i suppose there are a few approaches you can take, but whatever you do the hardest bit is to manage your mp, because it doesnt know when the mob dies...

If you make macros for Blizzard I, Blizzard II, Drain+Aspir(in one macro) heal when low mp, it will work, but you will be a pretty poor blm tbh.
Try something like
Delay Spell
1 Drain+Aspir
10 Blizzard I
20 Blizzard II
30 Blizzard I
40 Blizzard II
50 Blizzard I
60 Blizzard II
Repeating to give:
70 Drain+Aspir
80 Blizzard I

well - you get my point basically.

I dont think this kind of thing is good enough to use outside a party of botters really, because in a bot pt, with a real puller, you can have the puller bring a mob in every 2 mins, and thus everyone else can bot effectively (well - ok anyway)

A really good party bot needs some feedback from game really.

Ive made some scripts that work before - if you guys that run this are interested, send me a message or something.
Basically does /target <bt>, until it finds something, which it confirms by reading the the colors off the screen (<bt> targets are in red), and then uses a script that basically works like this one, but supports conditional branching, and can read the chat log (slight lag here, but ah well). This can do a good whm bot (reads player health levels from party list, and heals them, with a particularly good buffing system), a decent rdm and blm (magic bursting is something im still working on though - i can do tp readouts(gotta love windower), but so far it needs to be told in advance what the skillchain is, it cant figure it out as one is done). Melee bots arent quite so good yet - they work fine, but they cant move around, so the puller need to bring the mob right up to them, and SATA can be a problem. Also "Provoke when it goes for the mages" routines on melee/backup tank jobs are a bit unreliable. Generally, tanking bots are something i find tough too.

Sry - i talk too much

Gl ppl

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