Druids Overlook Easy XP

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Druids Overlook Easy XP

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GW: Druid's Overlook easy EXP.

Ok now you must be at Druid's Overlook first. Leave it and when you go through the portal to go outside, turn right. Keep running down there and some enemies will crawl up from the ground. As soon as they start attacking you run back by the portal where juscular hoomis (i know i spelled that worng) is. Run past him so the enemies keep chasing you and eventually fall into his aggro range. He will begin attack them so just stay back and tank or something and they wont come after you

at level 15 i make 136 exp for every fevered devourer and 60 for every drone. Really works good, the enemies spawn everytime i think. After that you can follow it up with the gold pathing exploit 3!
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