Level 16-20/ Great XP and Money

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Level 16-20/ Great XP and Money

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I will state, that I am an elementalist so I go for ranged mobs that like to bunch up. I wouldn't guess what works for melee classes, but figured you aoe freaks could still benefit from this.

This spot is all the way in Riverside Province. Yes, its quite a ways down on the mission list, but you should be doing every mission you can anyway for both great xp (2,000 with bonus), and new towns to buy gear/skills in. After this town, the missions get harder, so you should be able to get here easily. Exit the town and you will immedietly see a bunch of enemies on your radar. They are 4 Mergoyles, lvl 14, and 4 Bog Skales, lvl 18. While I realize the mergoyles don't give xp at this level, the bogs do, and it takes no extra effort to kill all of them with aoe. Throw up your aura of restoration, glyph of lesser energy and agro the closest one, just by letting him see you. Now run back a tiny bit around the corner. This is key, because they all follow around the corner causing them to bunch up. Now let off a meteor shower, rain of fire and they should all die. Occasionally I get one stragler and take him out with whatever spells you like. In seconds they all lie dead. Now the sad news is you have to zone and re-zone and do this over and over. I'm level 19 and just trying to hit 20 so I wanted the fastest way to get there and this was it. If you want more adventure, then theres plenty for you, but I'm all adventured out on this character. Each fight yields about 400xp at level 19, so you can expect more at lower level. These monsters do so little damage and die so easily, I wish I would have come here even at level 16 when the Mergoyles counted for xp. Imagine 800 a fight or close to it. Worth a shot. I got from level 19-20 in just over an hour doing this, and made 4 plat in drops just from selling to the merchant, who luckily is right by the zone in.

How to get meteor shower:

Meteor shower, if you don't know is what turns a fire mage from a pretty good damage dealer, to hands down the deadliest force in the game. This strat absolutely requires it, and I use it almost every fight no matter where I am. To get it, go to the Gates of Kryta town. Get some henchmen and exit. Head north into Scoundrel's Rise. Head west into Northern Kryta. Ascolon Settlement is an unmarked location at the NW corner of this zone. It has the best skills in the game for most jobs, via an npc there. The trip is not easy, though I have yet to fail (once making it with me dragging along 5 dead henchmen). Just go slow and careful. There are 3 routes to this location, and this is by far the easiest for me.
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