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Missions and Bonuses

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All missions give 1,000xp and 1 skill point.

Bonus objectives also give 1,000xp.

Post-Searing Missions

Ascalon Region

I. The Great Northern Wall


Scout for Bonfaaz Burntfur's Charr forces:

• Search north of the wall to find the Charr army.

• Report your findings to Captain Calhaan.

• *BONUS* Recover the four pieces of Kilnn Testbrie's armour and return them to his tomb.

• ADDED: Find a new way back. Run to the wall.

Quest Items

Kilnn Testbrie's Cuisse

Kilnn Testbrie's Crest

Kilnn Testbrie’s Pauldron

Kilnn Testbrie’s Greaves


In order to receive the bonus objective, when you reach the tar pools, there’s a small turn off to the left. Take that route and follow it round to find Kilnn Testbrie, a spirit. He will ask you to find his armour, scattered across the level. There are four pieces between just before the tar pools (to the left on top of a mound, and to the right of the pools in a small clearing) all the way until just before you reach any Charr. All pieces are hidden in wreckages. When you find the Charr camp, do not try to take on the Charr at levels 1-10. Just follow the path ahead to the end and talk to Captain Calhaan.

II. Fort Ranik


Retake the Great Northern Wall:

• Push back the invading Charr Army.

• *BONUS* Rescue Deeter Saberlin from his Charr imprisonment.

• ADDED: Locate the RESTRAINING BOLT and return it to Siegemaster Lormar.

• ADDED: Locate the ARMING CRANK and return it to Siegemaster Lormar.

• ADDED: Locate the RELEASE LEVER and return it to Siegemaster Lormar.

Quest Items

Restraining Bolt

Arming Crank

Release Lever


Once the first area has been cleared of Charr (before passing through the remains of a large cathedral-like door) and the Ascalon guards wait next to it, one of the Ascalon Guards will have a green exclamation mark appear over his head. Talk to him to receive the bonus objective. His son is being kept about half way along the level. After you pass under a bridge, you will see the path continue to the left in a u-bend and another trail to the right going onto higher ground. Go off to the right and you will soon find his Deeter Saberlin and another Ascalon guard in a cage. Kill the Charr guarding them to release them.

The trebuchet pieces can all be found nearby and are not hard to get. Just click on the wreckages to find them, and carry them back to Siegemaster Lormar. You cannot attack while holding them.

Be careful with the trebuchet. They do lots of damage, take note of the size of the area of effect and stay clear of it when firing. Do not play with the trebuchet. It is not a toy, and many parties have failed the mission due to someone fooling around with one, and killing the rest of the party.

III. Ruins Of Surmia


Rescue the soldiers taken prisoner by the Charr.

• Safeguard Prince Rurik's life.

• Free all the Ascalon captives.

• Get to the obelisks inside the ruined academy.

• ADDED: Cross the ravine and open the drawbridge for Rurik and Erol.

• *BONUS* Extinguish the Flame Temple by defeating the Flame Keepers.

Quest Items



After reaching the drawbridge and receiving the added objective, head backwards and to the left (facing the draw bridge) and take out the Charr to that side. Head down the path to the right of where Prince Rurik is standing and cross the tar. There will be an NPC on this side. Talk to them to receive the bonus objective. To get to the Flame Temple, you need to follow the Charr Flame Carriers back the way you came. You need to keep them out of your line of sight (LOS) circle at all times. Once they pass through the gates, you can take out any other Charr and keep following them to the Flame Temple. Killing the Flame Keepers completes the bonus.

IV. Nolani Academy


Return Prince Rurik south of the Wall to safety:

• Sneak out and ambush the Charr forces besieging the academy.

• Return to the Nolani Academy to rendezvous with the prince.

• Defend Prince Rurik on the way back to the capital city of Rin.

• *BONUS* Return the Tome of the Fallen.

• ADDED: Take Stormcaller to Horn Hill.

• ADDED: Save Rin.

Quest Items

Tome of the Fallen

After wandering through a large area of open ground, head to the left through it (off the beaten path) to find a hidden Ascalon Soldier with an exclamation mark over his head. He will give you the bonus mission. You cannot attack while holding the Tome of the Fallen. You need to take it past the large section of the Great Wall you pass by, and turn left up the hill, rather than right, into the valley where the Charr are waiting outside the Academy. Turn left again and there will be many spirits. They are all hostile and can be very tough. Once you kill most of them, you can reach the Tome Pedestal. Putting the tome back here completes the bonus objective.

Once Stormcaller has been used, attack whomever Rurik attacks. This will keep him alive and help you to not get swarmed.

Northern Shiverpeaks Region

Borlis Pass


Negotiate passage to Grooble's Gulch and shelter for the Ascalon refugees:

• Ignite all the storm beacons to light the way through the storm.

• Find out what happened to Prince Rurik's negotiations with dwarf king Jalis Ironhammer.

• ADDED: Break through the locked gate into Maladar's Fort

• ADDED: Bring an end to the siege of Krok's Hollow.

• *BONUS* Kill the Ice Drake.

• ADDED: Clear the road to Grooble's Gulch, and light the magical signal beacon.

Quest Items


Powder Kegs

You cannot attack while holding the Torch. There are 9 beacons in total to light up. They aren’t hard to find, and are on the main path. To light a beacon, click on it while holding the Torch.

Before breaking the gate in Maladar’s Fort, there are two locked gates to the left hand side of it. Blow these open using the kegs from the Keg Powder Stations. A Dwarf in the right hand gate gives you the bonus mission. In order to complete it, you must blow open the planks holding back the snow in his cell. It may take several kegs to blow it up. Once open, go through the cave to find the Ice Drake. There are several Frostfire Dryders to watch out for. Once the Ice Drake is dead, the bonus is completed.

The Frost Gate


Open the Frost Gate:

• Destroy the ballistas to secure safe passage for Rurik and the Ascalon refugees.

• Retrieve the Gear Lever from the Dwarven fort to open the Frost Gate.

• *BONUS* Steal the Stone Summit's secret plans for a powerful siege weapon.

• ADDED: Activate the three Frost Gate Lever Mechanisms before the Stone Summit overwhelms Rurik.

To destroy a ballista, kill the Stone Summit Engineer operating it. This gains you 2% morale for each ballista you destroy. Watch out as the ballistas do high damage if they hit. In the caves with the Dryders, take the left, and then the right as you enter to find the Dwarf from Borlis Pass. He will give you the side quest again. The plans can be found outside the cave, on the path to the left of the gate on the other side of the bridge. They are heavily guarded. Bring them back to the dwarf to complete the bonus. When you have to open the Frost Gates, kill all enemies before opening any gates, as more will flood in. Kill these new ones before opening any other gates to avoid getting swarmed.

Northern Kryta Region

Gates Of Kryta


Secure a safe place for your people to settle.

• Make contact with the local authorities at Lion's Arch.

• *BONUS* Find and return the Tome to the Historian.

• Help Hablion clear the swamps of the undead.

Quest Items


At the beginning of the mission, there’s a small path to the left. Turn there and you will find a pig named “Oink” in the clearing. If you click on him, he will follow you. Bring Oink, keeping him alive, to the gates where a small bazaar is set up. Toward the left, a father and son are talking. Listen to their conversation and at the end, click on the son to return his pig to him. To the left of him is the Historian. Talk to him to activate the bonus mission. Go through the gates, follow down the beach along the hillside. A ways down is a small path that turns left, taking you to the river. Follow the riverbed all the way north. At the end, there is a wrecked boat and a chest nearby underwater. Open the chest by clicking on it and pick up the Tome that drops from it. Return the Tome to the Historian to complete the quest. Be careful as on your way back and carrying the Tome, Phantoms appear and will attack you.

D’Alessio Seaboard


Lend aid to the White Mantle in their fight against the undead.

• Hurry to the Temple of Tolerance.

• Discuss the undead menace with Confessor Dorian,

• ADDED: Clear out the undead from the village of Hakewood.

• ADDED: Protect Confessor Dorian from the undead.

• ADDED: Head to the southwest. Locate Dinas and the Scepter of Orr.

Quest Items

Offering to Melandru

When you reach Hakewood, you must keep the villager with a name alive to be able to do the bonus. He is a little ways up the hill on the right and getting attacked by a boss. Once the village is cleared of undead, head north to the top of the village and you will find a guard at an alternative gate. Go through here and you will eventually reach an area with the Offering to Melandru and you’ll be able to see the Shrine of Melandru across a ravine with a broken rope bridge. If you pickup the Offering and drop it, it smashes and respawns at the pedestal. Because of this, it’s best to leave it there and go back to get it later. Protect Confessor Dorian and then make your way around the higher paths to the right of him to get to the shrine, killing all enemies in your way, then go back for the Offering. Placing it on the Shrine completes the bonus.

Divinity Coast


• Administer the Test of the Chosen:

• Retrieve the Eye of Janthir from Justiciar Hablion in the upper courtyard of Shaemoor.

• Deliver the Eye to the coastal city of Loamhurst.

• ADDED: Cleanse yourself in the Fountain of Truth on the hill to the southeast.

• *BONUS* Find and escort all the chosen to Loamhurst.

Quest Items

The Fountain of Truth is in the village, to the right of the eye, on top of a hill. Walk into it to become cleansed. After crossing a large bridge guarded by Gypsie Ettins there is a villager being attacked by a Tengu. Save him, and then talk to him to gain the bonus. Save the villagers ahead and get them to follow you to Loamhurst to complete the bonus.

Maguuma Jungle Region

The Wilds


Hunt down the Shining Blade kidnappers, and rescue the Chosen they have taken hostage.

• Chase the fleeing Shining Blade.

• Rescue the Chosen.

• Discover how the Shining Blade navigate the Jungle.

• *BONUS* Defeat the two centaur Chieftains.

Quest Items

Vine Seeds

Near the beginning you come to a fork in the road with three alternate routes and the path behind you. The path straight ahead continues with the mission and the left and right paths form a loop. To gain the bonus, take the path to the left and follow it around until you can see two centaurs ahead of you. Edge forwards carefully until they start to talk. Listen to the whole conversation to gain the bonus. Do not kill them until you have the bonus in your Log. After you kill them, pick up the Vine Seed they leave behind and head back (either way) to the fork and take the centre path to continue with the mission. After the cut scene when you learn how vine bridges work, a large number of centaurs will come at you. After dealing with them, go in the direction that they came from. Eventually you’ll come to a place with a glowing circle to plant the Vine seed. Dropping it here will create a bridge that you can take to the centaur stronghold. There are a very large number of centaurs here that can be hard to kill including at least 4 bosses. Killing them all completes the bonus.

Bloodstone Fen


Seek the truth about the White Mantle.

• Locate Blade Scout Ryder. He'll take you to the Bloodstone.

• Use the vine bridges to traverse the jungle.

• *BONUS* Awaken the druids while preserving their guardians.

• ADDED: Travel on to the Bloodstone on your own.

• ADDED: Avenge the Chosen by killing Justiciar Hablion.

Quest Items

Vine Seeds

When you arrive at a circular clearing with a large number of Vine Seed Flowers at one side, take one and head back the way you came. There will be a subtle path to the left. Travel down here and head up the hill. Drop the seed on the large stone with a symbol on it and a Druid will appear. He will give you the bonus objective. Listen to what he says to learn what to do. Follow him and do not attack any of the Jungle Guardians you pass, even if they attack you. You’ll eventually reach an area with more Vine Seed Flowers and more stones with symbols on them and more Jungle Guardians. There are 3 small ones and a large one. Place one seed at each small one to make a Druid appear there. The Druids will all head towards the large stone and summon the Elder Druid. Talking to the Elder Druid completes the bonus.

Aurora Glade


Gain access to the Henge of Denravi.

• Get to the Henge Portal.

• Attune the Henge Portal before the White Mantle do it.

• ADDED: Attune the thorn pedestal to clear the vine gate.

• *BONUS* Assassinate The Demagogue.

• ADDED: Attune both thorn pedestals to clear the vine gate.

• ADDED: Kill the Henge Guardian.

Quest Items


After covering most of the level, you’ll reach a fork in the road. The right continues through the level, and the right winds around onto it and is slightly longer. Go to the right and kill the White Mantle here. You’ll find an NPC. Talk to him to receive the bonus. When you reach the area with all the pedestals, all but one party member should go to the pedestal on the far left. The other member should have sprint and should take the Attunement Crystal to the closest pedestal followed by the pedestal on the left. The White Mantle always go for the pedestal on the left first and if it’s taken by your party, they will try to take it back. The lone member should be a runner and always recapture this pedestal at all times. There are three pedestals. Do not take more than two else the bonus cannot be completed. The rest of the party should attack the team that try to take the pedestal starting with the Crystal carrier. They should not chase after them and should wait for the capture teams to come to them. Eventually, they will stop coming because you will have killed them all. Head to where they were coming from and you will find The Demagogue on his own. Kill him to complete the bonus. Then capture the final pedestals to continue the mission.

Kryta Region

Riverside Province


Steal the Scepter of Orr.

• Avoid detection on your way to the temple.

• Talk to Dinas to get the scepter.

• Escape to the bridge to the Northeast.

• *BONUS* Take out the Watchman at each tower, so Saidra can get the weapons through.

Quest Items

Scepter of Orr

At the beginning of the mission, kill everyone patrolling near the tower and take out the tower watchmen in the tower. Head to the West from the tower and you’ll find Saidra. Talk to her to get the bonus. Go through the gate behind her and take out the tower there. There are approximately ten towers. Kill all the watchmen in each tower (two in each tower, approximately 20 in total) to complete the bonus.

Sanctum Cay


Deliver the Scepter of Orr to Vizier Khilbron and rendezvous with Evennia on the other side of the island.

• Locate the Vizier and deliver the Scepter.

• Make your way to the docks on the opposite side of the island.

• ADDED: You have been betrayed! Evennia has been taken. Meet the Vizier at the docks to make your escape.

• ADDED: Defend the Vizier while he summons a ship for you escape. Get on the boat when he is done.

Quest Items

Scepter of Orr
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