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Zealot Farming Guide

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The easiest character to farm Zealots in Riverside in my opinion is the Warrior/Monk. It's the easiest way to kill anything if you're not familiar playing as a Warrior. Besides, the following walkthough will take you step by step, and you'll see yourself taking down level 24 Zealots with relative ease.

Fighting a Zealot:

Ok, calm down. They're really easy if you can interrupt his Heal Signet. They always (I mean it, always!) use their Heal Signet when they're down to half life. Savage Slash or any interrupt should interrupt his Heal Signet when it comes up. Pretty much the way to do it is, hit him with your skills and what not and then interrupt his heal sig.

Here's the layout for your build:

- Sever Artery

- Gash

- Savage Slash

- Galrath Slash

- Final Thrust

- Sprint

- Heal Signet

- Healing Hands

You can put your attributes anywhere you want, but I would recommend putting enough in tactics to get a 90-100 heal from Heal Signet. Also, I would only put about 7-8 into Healing Prayers for Healing Hands.

Applying the build:

-Throw up healing hands when you are at half health.

-Don’t use heal sig unless you are under half life and cant use healing hands as you'll take twice the dmg when using the signet.

-Final thrust him only after you interrupt his heal sig.

If the Zealot has an axe, he'll cripple you. Running away is not a good option. If he has a sword, you will have gash and sever on you. So, really, the best thing to do is just fight him. Learn to interrupt his heal sig.

Oh, one more thing- if he's almost dead, don’t use gash or sever, it seems to heal him for some reason. Just keep hitting him until Galrath or Final Thrust comes back up.

Now, on to the actual farming:

Begin running to your left and down to where you'll see three White Mantle Justicars roaming the area. Just run by them towards a cave. Run through the cave dodging the undead. Keep running forwards using Sprint until the undead are off of you. If you get poisoned, wait until the undead are gone and heal up. Once you're fine, continue going.

When you see the watch tower, make sure you are to the right of it so you don’t get pined down. Keep on the right and run through the big stone walls. You have a choice of either going right or left. Go left and you should see a load of White Mantle Justicars here.

Warning! This is where most people die:

When you come down, make sure Sprint is either almost recharged or you should just wait until it's ready to go. Once you're ready, keep going down and you'll want to hug the right side of the path once you see the upcomming watch tower. Keep hugging the path.

When the watch tower is on your direct left, there should be a pathway to your right. At that moment, hit sprint and keep going straight. DO NOT GO DOWN THAT PATH ON YOUR RIGHT.

If you get hit with pin down, throw up Healing Hands and hit Sprint if you haven’t done so already. Hitting Sprint here is key becuase if you hit it before you get to the path and the tower, you might get pined and Healing Hands will run out and you'll most likely die... so use sprint were I told you to.

Zealot #1:

Once you get by that area, you should see a Zealot walking across a bridge. Only attack him if you don’t have any Justicars in agro range. If you are not loaded with full armor you will most likely die taking on one Zealot and 3 Justicars. If you still have justicars on you, run by the Zealot. Keep going straight until you're over the bridge and you'll take your first right. If you have sprint ready, sprint until the Justicars break agro. The Zealot might break agro also but that’s alright. Keep running on this right path until you see the shadow of a hut. By then, the Justicars should have stopped following and the Zealot is all your's. If not, just run out there and agro him back to you. Bring him back to the hut’s shadow on that little path. If you don’t, you might cause agro on the Justicars roaming the area.

Zealot #2:

Onto the next Zealot, once you pick up your fat loot, (if you killed him on the bridge go right onto the path) keep going down the path and you should see 3 Justicars chilling. Sprint by them and go to your left. You should see a hut in front of you. You can follow the path and go up to some NPCs, but what I want you to do is run on the outside of the huts fence on the left. Run all the way up to until you hit the hill side and then turn back around and then go to the NPCs. The reason why you just did this is so that the Justicars and Abbots up top will leave, getting the call from the guard tower to come help.

So, once you have them leave your area, you'll want to either agro the priest or the Zealot but never both. I still get owned by them, even with my sexy warrior. Zealot is the same to attack, but the Priest will use Divine Intervention when he gets down to about ¼ life. Final Thrust him and right after that use savage slash to try an interrupt the next DI.

Zealot #3 and #4:

Pick up your fat loot again and continue up to where the Zealot and Abbot were and follow the wall until it lets you go into the courtyard looking thing. There are two Zealots here. One is on your left, roaming around the boss and a few other White Mantle. The other one is on your right all by himself.

If the first Zealot looks like he can be agro'ed, agro and kill him. If not, go get the one on the right first. Once you kill the one on the right, just simply run back over to the one on the left, run in there, and agro the Zealot out. Don’t worry about the boss and the other White Mantle. They'll fall back and the Zealot will stay to fight. Pull him back either to the steps to where you come in or back towards where you fought the Zealot on the right.

Once you get him. Rinse and Repeat.
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