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Fire Elementalist Guide

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Class Overview:

The fire elementalist is what gave nukers their name. They are the magic damage dealers. Their spells are the strongest and most effectively take down enemies in the terms of "dps". Of course, they sacrifice damage for defensive abilities and can quickly be mowed down by tanks.

Class Combination:

The fire elementalist is often said to best combine with monks. If you have a monk as a secondary skill, you are able to became extremely party-friendly. You are able to nuke and heal/rez. This combination drains mana extremely quickly. You must watch that bar at all times, and make sure to have backup in case you run dry.

Fire Spells:

Conjure Flame - lose enchantments, stronger fire spells for 60 secs

Fire Attunement - 30% mana cost for fire spells are returned to you for 36 seconds

Fireball - self explanatory

Fire Storm - For 10 seconds, the targetted area is rained with fire (Extremely valuable)

Flame Burst - All enemies in the area are attacked by fire

Flare - Instantly scorch targetted enemy (GOOD for pvp)

Immolate - Attack enemy, damage over time

Incendiary Bonds - Burn an enemy, after 3 seconds the target burns and all nearby mobs

Inferno - Damage all enemies in front of you

Lava Font - In short, a DOT inferno

Mark of Rodgort - Hex spell. After casting on an enemy, any other fire attack done on it will cause him to burn for extra time

Meteor - Calls a meteor to strike and knock down target

Meteor Shower - Read above...but AoE

Phoenix - Damages all enemies around caster and flies out against the target

Rodgort's Invocation - PBAOE damage

Searing Heat - AoE dd and DOT fire spell

MIND BURN (ELITE) - When cast on an enemy, if you have more energy then it, you will cause 10 damage. Then another 10 damage is inflicted.
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