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Whether you take Ranger as your main or secondary profession it gives you some very useful skills.

Want to sick your pets on your foes, or just want to be like Legolas from Lord of the Rings? If yes, Ranger is for you.

I'm not gonna go to deep into the PvE factor of this profession mainly because this game is about PvP. This may not do the most damage but it sure can inflict some pain and add some nice effects.

The info::.

Starting Skills:

* Dodge Primary and Secondary

* Dual Shot Primary and Secondary

* Edge of Extinction Primary

* Ignite Arrows Primary

* Troll Unguent Primary

Knowledge Paths:

Beast Mastery | Expertise | Marksmanship | Wilderness Survival

Those are the 4 areas you can focus your points into for the Ranger profession.

Each one will grant you the ability to use different skills in that field of knowledge. Pretty simple concept right?

I found it most useful to go with the marksmanship skill, and expertise skill for my PvP and PvE adventures.

Heres a description of the kind of skills for each knowledge.

Beast Mastery

This knowledge pool allows you to learn new attacks for your pet, each inflicting different effects are damage bonuses. A few skills will heal all pets in an area or raise them from the dead.

If your the kinda person who would like a pet to tank for you or to run in and fight your battles while you bow and arrow from the sidelines, this is the knowledge path for you. In PvP, pets serve as a pretty good distracation and can help out a small team an immense amount, but in those large battles pets become a nuissance and just seem as a distraction for your own team.


This knowledge pool grants you the ability to learn dodging type skills, as well as skills that grant you abilities/effects on hits and misses. Expertise is a great knowledge path for getting out of 'sticky' situations. I highly recommend this path for both PvE and PvP path characters.


This knowledge pool grants you the ability to learn special archery shot type skills. The kind of skills that slow down your target or grant special damage effects to the target. If your primary skill is ranger than your most likely going to use a bow as your weapon, so you'll want special shots, so this skill is definitely for you. This is definitely the Legolas type character skills. You can deliver some serious damage while slowing down your enemies with these skills.

Wilderness Survival

This knowledge pool grants you the ability to learn effect type attacks and defensive maneveurs. The kind of skills you'll see in this path range from traps that slow or poison your enemies, to skills that help you out defensively.
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