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So you want to be able to deal damage and benefit at the same time? Necromancer has that. The Necromancer is extremely strong if used as your primary profession. The damage a Necromancer deals is not one of the highest of the four casting professions. You'll notice that you are weakening your enemies attacks and effectiveness in favor of your own, this can greatly benefit you and your party in PvP and PvE. When distributing points for this profession don't scatter and dabble your points everywhere, but instead focus on maxing out attributes that you plan on focusing on specifically.

The Info::.

Starting Skills:

* Animate Bone Horror Primary

* Blood of the Master Primary

* Deathly Swarm Primary

* Life Siphon Primary and Secondary

* Vampiric Touch Primary and Secondary

Knowledge Attributes:

Blood Magic | Curses | Death Magic | Soul Reaping

Blood Magic

Points put into the Blood Magic attribute benefit the skills that steal life from your foes and give you life. Blood Magic spells consist of DoT's, life siphoning, and damage redirection.


Do I even need to bother explaining what kind of spells you can use when you focus in this attribute? These spells generally weaken your enemies or lower their effectiveness in battle for some time. Basically all these spells are debuffs.

Death Magic

Death Magic Spells involve using corpses and exploiting them to raise from the dead and fight for you or do damage to surround enemies or grant you life bonuses.

Soul Reaping

For this attribute you gain 1 energy whenever you kill something. Not a "BIG spell attribute kinda thing"
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