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Everyone always wants a monk in their group. Be it PvP or PvE skirmishes its always helpful to have a monk on your side.

Monks can resurrect others more than once per mission or PvP excursion.

The Info::.

Starting Skills:

* Heal Area Primary

* Healing Hands Primary and Secondary

* Retribution Primary

* Ressurect Primary and Secondary

* Orison of Healing Primary and Secondary

Attribute Knowledges:

Divine Favor | Healing Prayers | Protection Prayers | Smiting Prayers

Divine Favor

Divine favor consists mainly of enhancement spells. Some of these spells make other spells cost less mana, buffs for you and your party, and bonuses to your healing spells.

Healing Prayers

Healing prayers govern spells that deal with healing and resurrection. If you plan on being a Monk, than this is a must. You can't be a monk and not be able to heal your party, so make sure you focus in this.

Protection Prayers

Protection prayers are exactly what they sound like, protection spells that prevents the bearer from damage or being hit altogether. Some protections even act as a buff enhancing different stats.

Smiting Prayers

Different from all the other Monk spells, these deal damage to the target. The smiting prayers consist of insta damage, DoTs and other effects that cause spells to reflect or prevent them altogether. If your primary spells are monk spells than you will need this to deal damage.


In closing, the Monk is a pretty fun character to play as long as you match yourself up with a powerful secondary or primary profession to go along with Monk.

In PvP, i've fought many powerful Warrior/Monks. They are extremely strong unless matched up against a strong nuking team.

I've played Elementalist/Monk and I've found it to be a very powerful combo as well. I was able to nuke out massive amounts of damage and simultaneously heal my party to keep the party alive.


This guide focuses on the Monk as a primary class. This is a beginners guide to the class and does not necessarily include advanced tactics or combinations. The monk can be a key member of any group, as healing signets are nice, but having a monk is much more diverse for healing.

The Monk's Attributes

* Healing Prayers

Healing prayers govern spells that deal with healing and resurrection. Some might consider this the bread and butter of a monk.

* Divine Favor

Most of these are enhancement spells that add bonues to other spells, such as making other spells costing less mana or causing fatal wounds to not be fatal. It also adds bonus healing to all healing spells cast.

* Protection Prayers

These spells protect the one with the spell on them from taking damage. Some of them also simply protect the bearer from being hit at all. Many of these spells are unique in that unlike the straightforward spells from other games, these might have added bonuses.

* Smiting Prayers

These spells are of course as the name implies, offense damage spells. These spells consist of DOTs, direct damage, and spells that bounce damage back to a caster or healer when they cast on someone with the bounce back spell on them.

Talk About the Starting Skills

* Heal Area

This spell heals yourself and all creatures around you for 90 health. The issue with this one is that it heals all creatures around you. This is a primary only skill.

* Healing Hands

For the next 10 seconds, Healing Hands heals target ally for 3+ health each time he suffers physical damage.

* Retribution

Whenever ally takes damage, this enchantment redirects some of it back to the source. This is primary only.

* Resurrect

Resurrect targeted party member. This is primary and secondary.

* Orison of Healing

This is a basic heal spell. This is primary and secondary.

Healers in many games are just healers and have little solo potential. Due to the primary and secondary make up of Guild Wars, you can now be a healer and something else, giving you the ability to solo if you wish, or be a key member of a party.

Class Combos

Warrior secondary class is nice because it gives you some good abilities to help keep you alive, such as sprint, which I like to use to get into healing range and then out of it.

Ranger secondary lets the monk get the use of dodge which is always a good thing. The harder it is for the healer to take damage the better off the party is. Of course rangers also have the advantage of using a bow.

Mesmer secondary with the monk primary makes for a very good utility character since it lets you have the benefits of healing and also the benefits of spells to help confuse and befuddle your enemies. While not very offensive, this combo would come in handy with any party.

Necromancer secondary gives the combination of healing with spells like life siphon. This makes the monk rather hard to kill and gives them some offensive ability.

Elementalists secondary gives you a healer with a decent distance attack ability, letting the player contribute offensively without having to get into hand to hand combat.

Class Tactics

As I mentioned above, one of the tactics I like to do with the warrior is use sprint to get into range for my monk to heal then get out of range. The best defense is not to be there at all to take damage. Learn what the ranges are for the heal spells and stay just within this range behind the party or where it looks safe to cast from. Monks do have an annoying tendency to draw aggression even with casting the smallest heal spell, so be ready to run.
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