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Adrenaline Guide


Adrenaline, available only to primary or secondary Warriors, is a statistic much like energy; it is used to perform certain skills. However that is where the similarity ends. Adrenaline is gained through combat whereas energy is generated over time.

Getting Adrenaline

Skills that require adrenaline have a set amount of adrenaline required to use that skill. The lowest adrenaline requirement is 4 strikes of adrenaline, the highest is 10. Strikes of adrenaline are the units of measurement for adrenaline. To gain one strike of adrenaline you have to hit an enemy - misses and blocked/evaded attacks do not add adrenaline - with an attack or an attack skill from any type of weapon. Gaining one strike through combat adds one strike to all of your adrenal skills. There are other skills that increase adrenaline gained through combat, or give you adrenaline strikes for taking damage or for nearby enemies.

Filling Up Adrenaline

Each adrenal skill in your skill bar will have its own set of strikes, independent of other skills. So it is possible to have 3 strikes of adrenaline in Sever Artery and 6 in Final Thrust. The skill icon on your skill bar will fill up with what appear to be flames to represent how many strikes of adrenaline you have. The bar will fill up proportionally to how much adrenaline it takes to use the skill. So if a skill requires 4 strikes and you have 1, the skill icon will be one quarter full of adrenaline. If a skill requires 8 strikes and you have 6 strikes, its icon will be three quarters full.

Here's Galrath Slash filling up with adrenaline. Empty

Full Losing Adrenaline

When you use adrenaline to activate a skill all of the adrenaline tied to that skill is lost. Also, one strike of adrenaline is subtracted from all of your other adrenal skills. Most of your adrenal skills are attack skills so once it subtracts that strike of adrenaline you'll get it back when you hit the enemy. Note that some skills, mostly Hammer skills, drain the adrenaline from all other skills after their use, so you may want to use those after you've used your strikes from your other skills.

Adrenaline will also wear off over time. After 25 seconds all your adrenal skills wear off and are set back to 0 strikes. This timer is reset whenver you take damage (-0 counts) or strike an enemy with an attack.
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