Great Farming Place, lvl 12+

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Great Farming Place, lvl 12+

Unread postby PostBot » Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:07 am

hey guys i found another area to farm and all i can say is wow. bear with me on the directions ill do the best i

in the beginning is the mission i think defend the wall? where ya got to run away from the char back to the wall?.. well i found a awsome farm. when you get to the part where you are suppose to run to the wall, dont.. if you are atleast a lvl12 turn around and attack the fools make sure you got plenty of healing. i am a lvl 20 and its hard for me at times cause there are so many. i did this 2 times killing all the oncoming char and i gained 3k gold 2 warrior major runes, and 2 major monk runes and some purple items and 1 gold hammer.
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