Quick Levels: Amazingly Fast, 10-15

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Quick Levels: Amazingly Fast, 10-15

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Outside the Gates of Kryta there is a place called Scoundrel's Rise. When you enter Scoundrel's Rise the first three groups of monsters are all mage classes and bunch up extremely easily and do little damage to a person, so little that a mage can actually tank the mobs and live while killing them all solo without any henchmen. The mobs are worth 120xp a peice at lvl 11 which is when I found them, but they should be good from lvl 10-14ish. I was able to get about 4000xp in around 10minutes of doing this. The mobs drop alot of blues and 30-40 gold a peice meaning alot of money. Now there are only three groups of the monsters with 3 monsters in a group but you can EASILY reset the instance and with a town with a merchant 10 seconds away, Xp and money are very easily obtained.
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