12k an hour, Runs Take Less Than 5 mins

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12k an hour, Runs Take Less Than 5 mins

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If your looking for a fast way to make money to purchase that 15k per piece armor you have to have the zone to the north of ember light path has an easy wreckage run that can yield from 500-1000 gold per run and each run takes less than 5 minutes once you learn the path. I have only done this with W/Mo so i am not sure if it is possible with other classes but here our the directions: Cast mending on yourself and head directly north until you can head west, sprint through the the ether seal ahead until you get to the path with 2 white mantle warriors and a white manntle mesmer. If you can recoup your energy but around 50% of the time they will aggro you. Take the path to your right heading into another group of 2 white mantle warrios and a mesmer and directly ahead will be a wreckage givin anywhere from 1-4 items whites and blues only. Sprint out of the enemies until you come to a fork and try to find the next wreckage which can spawn to the right or left side of the fork. If you see a chest left its best to greb the wreckage there which can drop from less than 100-300+ gold and continue on until another fork, another chest would be guaranteed to be in this area to the left and a possible wreckage with a 100-300+ gold drop to the right. If however the left path does not have a wreckage continue on to the white mantle boat and somewhere in this are there can be 2 wreckage spawns with the 1-300 gold drops. Basically it is possible to get 3 of the gold spawns and the item spawn in one run because all 4 gold wreckages will not spawn at the same time. Math comes out to less than 300-900 gold and 1-4 items. Once you get the hang of it the runs can be made in under 4 minutes with very little chance of dieing. I suppose this = out to something like 6k-12k per hour not counting the iding and selling.
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