Beetletun Farming (10,000gp + per hour)

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Beetletun Farming (10,000gp + per hour)

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Beetletun is an outpost between Nebo Terrace and Watchtower Coast explorable areas. In the outpost there is an NPC (elder something) who asks you to defend the village from an undead horde. Basically the mission entails walking into Watchtower Coast and fighting off 4 or 5 waves of undead that get progressively harder.

The good thing about the quest isn't the xp or the reward its the drops. I can solo the mission in about 8 minutes with my level 20 necro/monk and I make 800-1000 gold per run. I have made 10 platinum an hour here, but my current character isn't as good for this. What you want to do to farm this is get some AoE smiting skills, holy damage has a bonus versus undead, some heals and condition removal. The best characters I have found to farm this are War/Mo's and Mo/X's.

War/Mo's need to use either Retribution or Holy Wrath while Mo/X's can use Balthazar's Aura. (Balthazar's Aura is also good for nec/mo and ele/mo). The rune drops aren't great, I have only unlocked 3-4 here since the last change to drops, but plenty of rare weapons. Don't worry if you can' t defeat all of the waves, just make sure to pick up the loot drops and gold in between the waves and then return to Beetletin, walk aback to Watchtowe, rinse and repeat. If you do defeat all of the waves, just abandon the mission and then talk to the elder again, do not accept the reward if you want to farm here again.

I should have been more specific, you don't want to be using Warrior attacks here. Also, this can be done below level 20, but is harder. To do this, you will have to rearrange your attributes to maximize smiting.

Beetletun War/Mo Build (if you don't have the attribute points try and get close) The first 5 sklls are pretty important, though there are other ways of doing this too.

Smiting 11

Tactics 10

Healing 8


Purge Signet


Bane Signet

Holy Wrath or Retribution

Healing Signet

Life Attunement *

Signet of Judgement *

"Watch Yourself!" *

"Fear Me!" *

Balthazar's Spirit * (only if you use Retribution instead of Holy Wrath)

Healing Breeze * (only if you use Retribution instead of Holy Wrath)

Basically the idea is to take the damage they dish out and reflect back as much as possible. If you use Retribution, you can take more energy based heals, especially if you have Balthazar's Spirit to generate energy. Holy Wrath on the other hand drains you to the point that you can only use adreneline skill and signets. I have made both work, the reason its easier for a War/Mo is the increased armor. Pretty much any shout or adreneline based stance can also be used if you have them. If a staff member needs to confirm this send me a pm, I'll be glad to take a staffer thorugh this.
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