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Soloing Riverside

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How to solo Riverside without touching or killing anything:

This works with any class in the game, though some make it easier than others. As a monk I would bring Mending for the HP regen then begin. When you start off in Riverside you go off to your left, past the tower and down the path that leads to the swamp. After running by the first 3man patrol of justiciers you get their aggro and run them into the small group of undead at the other end of the tunnel. They will fight each other and you can move along.

You come to the part of Riverside where the Fog Nightmares spawn and there can be anywhere from 8-20 of them ready to pop up along the path of their "habitat". What you do is gather the aggro from as many as you can, and kep them within range so that they follow you. Fog Nightmares will continue to follow so long as they dont get too far behind. You proceed to hit the swamp area, but move up to the left and head towards the other White Mantle and the staff in general. With the Fog Nightmares at your back you run past groups of white mantle and turn around. The fogs and mantle will fight each other with the fog killing off the small patrols of justiciers as well as Templars and named mobs on the way. Eventually your army of Fogs will die off after cleaning up most of the white mantle and undead, and if not you can always bring them to one of the towers to allow the archers on top to kill them, since the Fogs could not reach them. Then you proceed back around the map collecting the huge amounts of loot dropped by all of those killed.

In the end you spend about 5-10minutes solo in Riverside and come out with about 200g including anywhere from 2-6 rare drops and various battered armor which often salvage into runes. This ability allows numerous members to farm at the same time and have anything and everything all members in the guild needs in a matter of hours. It got to the point where we would have 20some top-end rare weapons that we couldnt get rid of due to all the loot we would receive, let alone how easy it was to afford the best armor and gear.
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