Riverside Province Boss Bug Soloing

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Riverside Province Boss Bug Soloing

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Any decent warrior or ranger with a few sprint skills and mending can easily run this mission. However, ANet figured what would happen, and added a boss, which blocks the way to the escape bridge at the end of the mission. The boss is glued down, and won't charge you, hes just there to block you. If you attack him, theres a good chance the 30 or so Mantle that are very close by will come running down and kick your ass.


The boss is bugged, its possible to finish the mission, without having to kill him (and thus bringing the wrath of the 30 Mantle onto your ass). Instead of trying to lure him away from the bridge, which will not work, run to the Right side of the bridge/boss, you will see Evenia/Saidra appear in your Party Allies menu, run back a little, then run to where you where again. Cinematics will trigger, and you will have completed the mission succesfully, without having any problems whatsoever.

Now, by using this exploit, this mission becomes super easy to run, its pretty quick as well, so by charging at least 1k, if you are feeling like a true entrepreneur, charge a bit more. The run takes about 5 minutes. You can take 5 people with you each run. Lets do the math

5 x 1k =5k per run

60 mins in an hour = 12 runs

12 x 5k = 60k per hour

Of course, if you charge more for the run, you make more. There are always people willing to pay for a easier option through the mission, and unlike some places in GWs, this one is never deserted. The people you run get 1000xp, you get 1k, everyones a winner!
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