Nuke While Running With No Power Cost

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Nuke While Running With No Power Cost

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This may be known already to most, though it was new to me when I accidentally did it.

Basically, using one of the new player crafted "Imbued" weapons allows you to (when dragging their icon to a hotbar button) to cast whatever Nuke spell that is imbued into it, for no power cost and, even better, it can be cast while running.

This will allow you to Kite mobs normally too tough to solo. Last night I was able to solo a double-up arrow White mob doing this

By just running in a wide circle, while it was chasing me, I was constantly casting the spell from my wand while my pet chased it and nipped at it's heels doing even more damage. Occasionally my pet would get agro back, but after a few casts later, it'd come back after me....since I wasn't worrying about dying since I could Nuke it while I ran and avoid "most" of it's damage, I wasn't afraid to pull all the stops and damage it as much as I could, rather than trying to avoid agro by only DOTing. By the time it died, I'd barely lost 25 percent of my health.....pretty good I thought for a dbl arrow white mob lol

Some things to consider:

1> Works best outdoors with lots of running room to avoid running into other mobs and getting agro

2> Try not to run outside it's range of influence or it may break the encounter and lose agro, returning to where it started forcing you to start all over.

3> The spells on imbued weapons are slow to cast, and don't do HUGE damage so overall fight WON'T be real fast to complete (Though for the kind of exp and loot you can get, it's worth it), so some may consider combining this with their normal fighting techniques to damage mob as much as possible, till they feel it's getting too dangerous, then finish it off this way

4> Since any type of weapon made from rares can be imbued, this means even melee classes can use this to kite mobs over their abilities to solo otherwise.

Well, anyways there ya go. Nothing earth shattering, but a nice trick I thought. I just hope this won't be nerfed too soon, as it was rather enjoyable to solo something I'd normally need a group to kill lol
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