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Two Money Making Cheats

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Basicly what you do is you enter the sorrows furnace while you have the quest galan trask(npc) summit slaves triggered. Now pretty much at this point you have free run to gather all the chest in the whole place without much of a fight. The big money maker here is dredge manifestos- these synth into 2 parchment and the parchment can add up fast. *note* there is allways a gold chest if you clear the room with the dredge spirit keepers, and check it and coresponding halls- to do this easily go into area, then talk to the slavemaster to trigger the quest, leaving you only the spirit keepers to contend with. for most part untill you trigger the quest, there will be very few healers to aid the armys of dredge. Heres the 2nd trick: Start in augary rock, rom augary rock you exit with a char preferably with a running skill, so a elementalist or warrior is most useful and you must have not compleated "Into the Unknown" quest, basicly what your going to do is solo, and as they start to talk, you run past them, drawing aggro from the 3 hydra coming down the hill- kill these, then draw the solo hydra to the left, and then draw some the other ones nearby. hydras run fast, you can use sprint or running skill to dodge meteorite and then run at normal speed after it's cast to draw the hydras an extreme long distance. Once you clear the path you can pull alot of the monsters back to were Aiden is and the whole team will help you well as needed. as long as you do not talk to the end npc this quest will be repeatable. this also works in borlis pass going north, with the Journey to kryta quest on and you can also take the scorpion as a pet by triggering Hungry devourer quest and just not feeding it. these are great ways to solo and still have henchies, but to get all the drops like they are not there at all.
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