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Albion Guide to Master Level 2

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Albion Guide to Master Level 2
By Blackins

Master Level 2 can easily be one of the easiest ML’s when lead properly and done in a fast and efficient manner. 9 of the 10 trials take place in Sobekite Eternal, and one takes place on top of it. This guide will help you turn your small long boring raid into a quick success.

I. Before the raid
II. Welcome to Sobekite Eternal
III. The Trials
a. Trial 8 – Stand Fast (Solo)
b. Trial 3 – Triton Hoards
i. Farming The Items
c. Trial 4 – Rrionne’s Reflection
d. Trial 1 – Death From Shadow
e. Trial 2 – Stalking Terror
f. Trial 6 – Kanakht’s Test of Tactics
g. Trial 9 – Battle Masters
h. Trial 7 – Pick your Poison
i. Trial 5 – Test of Strategy
j. Trial 10 – Immortal Imposter

I. Before The Raid
1) Set a time that has a good time that has a good amount of people that can be online and at your raid.
2) When the time comes, meet in Stygia. Everyone needs to have one water breathing poition.
3) (optional) Find a leader of a previous ML2 raid, and see if he will loan you his keyring.
4) Please get your raid to have a pre-requirement of having the solo step DONE. The solo step takes tons of time. If necessary, lead the raid to do solo steps the night before. If you need to get the solo step done, I’ll provide the way to get there solo.

2 full groups can do it, but it’ll take longer. My advice is get 3 full groups. Also, you have a few requirements of classes –
2 Necromancers – Deathsight spec’d
1, 6 second PBT Theurgist
2 Paladins
1 Minstrel
1 Cleric with Heal Feild
1 Cleric with Power Font

These are people that will REALLY help this raid move along. None of them (except the 2 necromancers) are really requirements… but you need 2 well-rounded groups to stand a chance against Runi in trial 10.

II. Welcome to Sobekite Eternal
Alright! You and your raid party is now in Stygia and ready to move out! Get everyone in the water and a water breathing potion on, and head south to oceanus boreal. A boat or shark really isn’t necessary, this is a quick swim. Your destination location is 16000 16000 Boreal. Underwater, there is a tunnel. Everyone swim inside and swim down the tunnel to zone into Sobekite Eternal.

MAP OF THE TEMPLE LEVEL - ... eLevel.jpg

III. The Trials
You should now be inside Sobekite Eternal with your raid party. Lets get cracking and knock the trials down. You will all be underwater as you zone in. Begin to swim forward and up the tube from the entrance level, stop there and begin buffing. If your raid has done Trial 8 (the solo step) then please skip part A of this section.

A. Trial 8 – Stand Fast (solo trial)
Well, we are going to start out with this one and how to get to it for those who are solo. Swim through the entrance level and up the tube. To the immediate west on the ceiling, there will be another tube. Swim through it, and go all the way down till you reach the land. Watch for argo through the crack in the wall. When it is clear, take an immediate right (south) and go to the gate, open it up, and you will see Amenemhat. Talk to him and he will fly up to the top of the room. Now this is important – don’t go swimming. The water has purple crocs that even with a raid are extremely difficult to kill. HUG THE WALL till you reach the ramp, and begin walking up, still saying somewhat close to the wall. When you reach the top, you will find Amenemhat who is ready for battle. Cast on him, hurt him, do whatever you want. He CANNOT MOVE from that spot. If you think you cant go on for any reason or need a quick break, simply backup, and he wont attack or follow you, rest, then engage him again. Kill him to receive credit for Trial 8. If you are on the platform when he dies, you will get thrown into the water and will argo a crocodile and die. DO NOT RUN BACK TO YOUR RAID, just stand and die, and you’ll get a rez soon. Unlike from ML1, you MUST BE UNGROUPED in order to do this and get credit.

B. Trial 3 – Triton Hoards
Alright, back to the raid. You are inside sobekite eternal and should have just swam up the first tube. Head to your left (west) down to the area right before it opens up to the Antron room. Have a paladin pull, and pull fast to everyone inside the tube. Everyone inside should be fighting, however, do NOT let them go into the main room, have them stay back. Have the paladin clear the way to the top of the room. He will see the Antron Chief. Alert the raid that he is INC, and pull him down. About 12-15 adds will come. Have one group focus on the actual chief, everyone else hits the adds. Kill the chief to receive credit.

Important Drops –
X Ampitheater Key
Stone Key
North Gate Key
Rusted Crown
Cellar Key
Not all of those will drop, but when one does, it needs to get to the raid leader. You do not need to “farm” these things, you’ll get more along the raid.
Very Important Drops –
Kaletor’s Staff
Buliss’ Shield
Dimitri’s Sword
Thao’s Staff
Those 4 drops you CANNOT leave without having. You must have ALL four. If you don’t have all 4 by the time you kill the chief, stay at the camp and continue killing Antrons. Some mobs will be garunteed to drop them, Such as an Antron Arch Mage, or an Antron Treasure Hunter, etc. Once you have those 4 items, you are ready to proceede on.

C. Trial 4 – Rrionne’s Reflection
Go back to the tube that you would go up if you were doing the solo trial (its very close to the tube you came out of on the entry). Have everyone go up and swim all the way through until you reach the crack in the wall. Somewhere in the South or West halls, 2 mobs named Rrionne and Rrionne’s Reflection will wander. Kill around until you find them. When you do, do NOT enter the room they are in. When Rrionne first gets argo’d, she will try to run until engaged by some melee. The key is to get a pet on her. Have a theurgist get ready, and chain pets on Rrionne (not the reflection) to get her in melee and to keep her from running. Adds will argo (not that many) – take them out first while having one or two people engage rrionne.
You and your raid must kill Rrionne’s Reflection before Rrionne can be damaged. Have everyone attack Rrionne’s Reflection. When she dies, attack Rrionne and kill her to get credit for Trial 4.

D. Trial 1 – Death From Shadow
Follow the map to the room located at 19k 19k. On the east side, there will be a few untargetable statues. Have your raid go near them and they will all become targetable and attack. These little traps are all throughout the dungeon – do not overlook them. Have the entire raid get on the west side of the room. The person who got the Rusted Crown from Trial 3 needs to disband from their group and equip the crown and sit down. A door will open on the west side of the room that would have been hidden before. Have everyone go through. If it closes the open it from the inside. You will now be inside a secret tunnel. Go down a little ways until you realize that you are going directly N. Have everyone STOP and sit down. The person with the crown should still be ungrouped. 2-3 Purple mobs will spawn after a bit. If you end up waiting more than 5 minutes in the same spot, move around in the hidden tunnel. Kill the mobs for credit for Trial 1.

E. Trial 2 – Stalking Terror
You should still be inside the secret tunnel. Go to where the ghost sobekite guys wander around, and clear the room. Have everyone sit down once again, and the person with the crown still ungrouped. After a bit, A purple mob called the Shadow Reaver will spawn. This one is considerably harder than the other two from Trial 1. If you find yourself waiting in one room for more than 7 minutes, move to the other one in the same tunnel and try there.
Important Note: As soon as the Shadow Reaver spawns, you need to get the ungrouped person GROUPED. The 2 mobs from trial 1 have insanely fast respawn time, and can gank you. Kill the Shadow Reaver for credit for Trial 2.
In trial 1 or trial 2, there is a chance some keys will drop (stone key, north gate key, cellar key, X ampitheater key). Get those to the raid leader.

F. Trial 6 – Kanahkt’s Test of Tactics
Look at your X Ampitheater key. It will either be Cracked, Rusted, Mossy, or Encrusted. Go to the respective gate marked on the map. Move into the ampitheater, have NO ONE talk to the NPC. Buff up and explain this encounter to the raid. Finish the 4th statue for credit of the trial.

The encounter goes like this:
1 Person talks to the NPC. He will then begin to fly to one of the four statues on top of the ampitheater and his spirit will inhabit that body. The statue will walk down to the center of the ampitheater, and when he arrives, becomes targetable. Also, when the statue becomes targetable, 10-12 orbs will spawn. These orbs MUST die. They will slowly increase in their con level, and when they become purple, they are really tough and release a very bad PBAOE that can easily kill your raid. Have your entire raid party save one paladin attack the orbs until they are all dead. Once dead, attack the statue and kill it. Kanahkt will respawn, and begin to walk to the next statue. Rinse and Repeat till 4 statues are dead.

G. Trial 9 – Battle Masters
Move down on the map to the area marked with Trial 9 (you have to use your stone key to open the gate). Inside is an NPC named Onuris, whom anyone can talk to, it doesn’t matter. Everyone needs to move to the south end of the room. Give the 4 relics (Kaletor’s Staff, Buliss’ Shield, Dimitri’s Sword, Thao’s Staff) to your minstrel or raid leader. When ready, turn them into the NPC. 4 mobs are going to spawn. 2 red casters, one yellow light tank, and one purple heavy tank. The 2 red casters are going to be named Kaletor and Thao, the light tank Bulis, and the heavy tank Dimitri. Kill them in this order:
Kaletor (casts a PBAOE)
Thao (casts an AE root)
Bulis (light tank)
Dimitri (heavy tank)
Kill all 4 to get credit for Trial 9.

H. Trial 7 – Pick your Poison
Follow the map to the cellar area. Go down the stairs and go into the room. You will see Djedkare standing in the alcove. Get your BG ready, and talk to him. Tell him BattleGroup and that you want to face Horror. A door to the left will open, go inside. A purple mob will be standing, kill him. Some claim that only 2 groups can get credit max. I personally have seen it once, while the other time I did not see it and 3fg got credit. If your raid didn’t all get credit, go on and come back later. Kill Shahrnaz to get credit.

I. Trial 5 – Test of Strategy
Follow the map to the trial 5 chessboard area off the N hallway. Use your north gate key and go all the way up the stairs. This is a group encounter, so only one can do it at a time. Have everyone in a group get next to a piece, then talk to it and “associate” yourself with it. Here is what each person should do:
King – Command
Queen – Drain
Rook – Defend
Bishop – Heal
Knight – Weaken
Pawns – Stun

After each person is associated, have one person go down and talk to the npc. Then sit back and watch the fun. The person whos king dies first is the loser. Repeat until the group wins.

J. Trial 10 – Immortal Imposter
Zone out to the top of the temple. Make sure no one falls off or puts on stick or autorun while zoning. However, sometimes someone does fall, in that case have the two group and rez them back up (after they drown themselves). Buff up here and get ready. Go up to the temple level and walk all the way around to in front of the temple. Note: there are some harpies that fly around. They pick you up and drop you back at where you zoned out of the temple. If this happens, don’t fret, just walk back up. The harpies are timed though to be at the spot to grab you just when you get back to the ent. Watch them in the sky and time them when to move. Have everyone rush inside, avoiding the snake argo.

---------- --------
That is a small map of the room. Once inside, everyone go to the left where the X is marked. There is a tiny ledge there. EVERYONE needs to jump on top of it. The ledge is very small, and very tiny. Now, you cannot avoid it, someone will argo a snake. When that happens, STAND AND DIE. DON’T MOVE, DON’T DO ANYTHING. No one attack the snake. Just stand and die. Try to get onto the ledge if you can. Start rezzing up, without falling off the ledge mind you. Once snake argo is clear, redo buffs and set up a power font. Form these group:

Group1: Necromancer1
Theurgist with PBT 1

Group2: Necromancer2
Anyone that can solo an orange1
Anyone that can solo an orange2
Anyone that can solo an orange3

Group3: Minstrel1

Necromancer 1: Duel the ungrouped Minstrel over and over and over for power, dump the power to the respective clerics. Have macros set up to make this process go as fast as possible
Clerics 1 and 2: Cast small heals but fast ones on the Paladin. Try to get minimal argo as possible, but don’t under-do it. If things start looking bad **** argo and just keep the guys alive.
Paladin1: Guard on the other Shield Tank, Incercept and Protect on Cleric1. This is one of the 3 who will be attacking Runi. Have a macro set up in the bg to ask for a cure poison.
ShieldTank1: Guard on the Paladin, Incercept and Protect on Cleric2. This is one of the 3 who will be attacking Runi. Have a macro set up in the bg to ask for a cure poison.
Infiltrator1: Attack runi with styles after he is down 70%, before then don’t use any styles, or if you need to, don’t get argo. Infiltrator CANNOT GET ARGO! If he does, its one dead infiltrator. Have a macro set up in the bg to ask for a cure poison.
Theurgist1: PBT. That’s it. Plain and Simple
Scout1: Fire arrows on Runi. When extra snakes spawn try to pelt them off.
Necromancer2: Deal with adds. Emergency power source for the Paladin and Clerics 1 and 2.
Anyone that can solo an orange1 2 and 3: Deal with the snake adds that runi summons.
Clerics 3 and 4: Cast Cure poisons on the tanks.
Shiledtank2: IN THE EVENT ONE OF THE 3 ATTACKING RUNI DIES, This shieldtank steps in.
Minstrel1: Strip. Everything. Hopefully you are a girl.. hehe. Take off all your gear except +hp gear. Have macros set up to target the necromancers and accept their duels. Die and duel over and over so they get power.

Alright. So now everyone knows their job. Set up a power font and a heal font. Get Necromancer2, Anyone who can kill an orange1 2 and 3, and Scout1 to spread out around runi. You NEED TO BE SPREAD OUT. Runi has set some traps, and if 3 people are within a certain area, they activate, easily killing your raid. Get the necromancer and minstrel to hop down from the ledge and go out just a little bit and practice their duel macros. Get the tanks set up so that one is right in front of runi, and the other two on runi’s sides. On 3, engage. THE ONLY THREE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE WITHIN ARGO RANGE ARE PALADIN1, SHIELDTANK1, AND INFILTRATOR1. The scout can hit him when the snakes aren’t causing a problem. Good luck!. If things get bad, don’t let the clerics hop down from the ledges – runi should loose their argo, and you can rez up and repeat. When he dies, loot fast and get back on the ledge – runi has insane respawn time. Make sure to lotto the keys when you’re up top, and not when you are down… The chests are there, just open them and the person gets that item. Congratz on the great raid.

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