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since nf came out ive found it harder and harder to get a chance to land good pbae's and on my 50 sm i switched to Darkness spec (90% lifetaps) basiccaly made more rps in one night that spec then i did suppression,

now thats mainly for rvr, if u wanna pve alot more stick with the PBaE spec line, but remeber gets harder depening on the class to use baseline nukes, in my oppinion.

now keep defense. i see alotta ppl standing way up top when ppl are at 2nd door already. dont there are 2 lil windows on both side of the door where u can clearly see ppl/ram all u need to do if tall enuff (sry luri's, and Kobbies, unless u can time the jump well) just target some1 and spam yer spell, then move a little, casters cant cast at u unless they are in your line of sight and by then you've killed them or moved outta way.

boiling oil, now this can be tricky if your only one in the tower, if more then 1 person in there have multiple ppl do it so u cant get killed if your targeted already and unload and run like hell back inside

now say u got a stealther inside your keep just camping, by god put of stealther gaurds they see them miles away and make them very mad

now say your a ml2 spymaster hehe easy way to fake out enemys (if stupid enuff, and yes sum are) cast many decoys up around thinking ppl got inside some how when the person is stoped looknig or casting at one attack,

say u get attacked inside keep while camping, hit the stairs stealther get to a safe place up stairs log out, u lose agro log back in no harm

Sadly say your new to game or wanna make a char. if u wanna rvr tanks are hardly worth it cept for siege/keep takes, just for the fact of ToA and range abilities now its hard to get to a caster before u get nuked.

Archer class's- a good RA to get is trueshot reason1- say your enemy is down 5-10% hp left and ran to far that extra 50% range make a difference

reason2: it pops blade turn all the time so u can have your friends and u just assist and arch the heck out of the casters

reason3: it just pisses off the caster lmao i ussaly hit on my scout (only 3L4) for about 40-50% hp so it makes them mad and or just cause im board lol

Casters- if your trying to decide on MoC (Mastery of Concentration) dont bother unless your getting it at lvl 3. now negative maelstrom is good because i know ive died because of the dots at the end makes some good rps if at 2-3. and on Thornweeve or what ever it is thorn somthing, get it if u are able to, 200-300 a shot and a hindered effect that makes u get hit like 3-4 more times cause u walk like a snail.

Stealthers: say u need those extra couple hit points- toughness 3 way to go 150 extra more hitpoints.
Say your a poison freak and got lvl 40+ dot poision, Viper2-3 is very very helpfull hit on your poisons for about 100-130 depening on lvl of the dot.

Vanish, very helpfull even though its for only 1 sec undetectable its worth it now in many situations.

Healer's- Now this one can go many ways, would say Divine Intervention 2, (2k Heal pot for group) can help but wont save u only your group
now MoC for this can be good for a healer just for the healing purpose so i would if i had one get it to 2 maby 3 if i had extra
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