Hunter Guide, Primeraly rvr.

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Hunter Guide, Primeraly rvr.

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Every choice you make as a hunter in someway repays you later in rvr scene!
Picking Your Race:
You dont know how many times i have walked out into emain with my norsewomen hunter and wished i was a small kobold. You may wonder why the look of the race is such a big difference to the way the game is player, here is why : small races , kobolds, lurikeens and inconnu's have a big advangtage in rvr.. they can hide, even things as small as graves or a cluft of grass can make a small race nearly impossible to see, Of course a experienced player will just /face and charge at you, but you would be very suprised how many dont know this simple tactic.

Choosing Your Target:
The whole idea of rvr is winning your fights, So how can you improve your chances? 1, Pick your target carfully, if faced with a caster and a tank which would you shoot first?
Caster ofcourse, once he is dead the tank can easily be kited, or you can just run away with the rp's from the caster!

Picking Your arrows:
Picking your arrows carefully can make sure the (-xxx)'s you get off of your shots are as slight as possible, Vrs chain armour use peirceing arrows, Vrs plate and scale use blunt, vrs leather use slashing and vrs cloth use anything as it has no resistance to any dmg type.

Your going to want to have a good bow and a good suit of armour, preferabely one that caps out all of your stats!
Try to get a artifact bow (Braggats Bow / Fools Bow) Each level in rvr combat, so the more kills you make the more your bow will level giving you more stats and abilitys! Also you may wish to get Golden Scarab Vest in your template, this is a good vest for a archer as it carries some nice bonuses. Quest's in toa and si are a good place to find some nice bracers and rings! aswell as the very impressive si quest with the gift of a 80utility necklass!

This is all i have for now, will post more in the future if people find this useful!

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