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Crafting - Crafting has become extremely important to the Dark Age Community with the introduction of Alchemy and Spellcrafting. For those who have never crafted before, here's a nice little way to figure it out.

Requirements - For mundane trade skills, you require tools such as a Smith's Hammer, Sewing Kit, or Planning Tool. For Alchemy you need an Alchemy kit, and the Mortar and Pestle. For Spellcrafting you need a Spellcrafting kit.

Weapons Crafting
Albion: Armsmen, Infiltrator, Mercenary, Paladin, and Reaver
Hibernia: Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Hero, Nightshade, and Ranger
Midgard : Berserker, Hunter, Savage, Shadowblade, Skald, Thane, and Warrior

Armor Crafting
Albion: Armsman, Cleric, Mercenary, Paladin, and Reaver
Hibernia: Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Druid, Hero, and Warden
Midgard : Berserker, Healer, Shaman, Skald, Thane, and Warrior
Albion: Cabalist, Friar, Infiltrator, Minstrel, Necromancer, Scout, Sorcerer, Theurgist, and Wizard
Hibernia: Animist, Eldritch, Enchanter, Mentalist, Nightshade, Ranger, and Valewalker
Midgard : Bonedancer, Hunter, Runemaster, Savage, Shadowblade, and Spiritmaster

Albion: Infiltrator, Minstrel, and Scout
Hibernia: Nightshade and Ranger
Midgard : Hunter, Savage and Shadowblade

Albion: Friar, Infiltrator, Minstrel, Paladin, Reaver, and Scout
Hibernia: Bard, Champion, Nightshade, Ranger, Valewalker, and Warden
Midgard : Hunter, Shadowblade, Skald, and Thane

Albion: Cabalist, Cleric, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Theurgist, and Wizard
Hibernia: Animist, Druid, Eldritch, Enchanter, and Mentalist
Midgard : Bonedancer, Healer, Runemaster, Shaman, and Spiritmaster

To Craft - In order to craft, you need to first pick a trade, depending on your class, is what you will be able to choose. After you choose your trade, go to your skills page and put the skill on your bar. Open up the menu and decide what you want to craft. Crafting is similar to hunting with cons. Generally you wont want to work with a red unless you have to, and you don't want to go lower than a blue. So Blue to Orange are the best to craft.

Once you decide what you want to craft, take that and put it on your bar. Right click on the item and see what materials you need. Go buy the materials from the merchants, depending on what you need and go to the tool that you need to craft at (Tailors can work anywhere. Weaponsmiths and Armorcrafters need the forge. Fletchers need a lathe. Spellcrafters and Alchemists need the Alchemy table). Then stop moving and click on the item on your bar. A little window will pop up with a little green bar. Once the green bar fills up it signals your item is done or it failed to create. You can check in your system window. If you fail you have a chance to lose materials.

Most crafters go and get a lot of materials to craft, some just up until the item will turn yellow. But that's a finite supply and if you lose any, you have to go back and get more.

Consignments - Trades other than Alchemists and Spellcrafters can all do consignments. Consignments are tasks that you can do up to 600 skill for money. You'll receive some profit but not much. To get a consignment, go to your Trade Skill master and say "Task". You will receive an order to make an item from you skill and then you must deliver the item to the person your Trade Master says. Bare in mind it may require you to do some sort of crafting that you may not have done yet, such as Hibernian Armorcrafting. If you're working in Reinforced, and you may be asked to do Scale.

Secondary Trade Skills - If you have a primary trade skill, you'll notice that you can do the other trade skills. You can skill those up, but there is a limit to how much they can go up. Usually crafters such as Armorcrafters work on one type of Armor such as Reinforced and work their metalworking up with Weaponcraft. Here are the limits, the %'s are of your primary trade skill.

Primary Skill: Weaponcraft Armorcraft Tailoring Fletching Siegecraft
Weaponcraft ----- 75% 40% 40% 75%
Armorcraft 75% ----- 75% 40% 40%
Tailoring 40% 75% ------ 75% 40%
Fletching 75% 40% 40% ------ 75
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