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Class Overview - The Mentalist overall is a balanced class. The lines are overall pretty even in power and how useful they are.

Illusions (Light Magic) - Illusions bases more of it's powers in the powers of Charming. With a charm, DD and AE DD, the light line can be powerful.

Charm takes a mob and makes the mob fight for the caster. It is limited to 110% of the spec into light.

DD and AE DD are both heat based spells. The AE takes longer to cast but it takes about the same amount of power as the Single Target DD.

Holism (Mana Magic) - Holism provides mentalists with a lot more group utility. As it provides Mana Regen and a Heal over Time. Also a Damage over Time that stacks with their baseline one.

Mana Regen provides much group utility to the Mentalist as it is constant and lets a Bard not worry about playing power regen.

Heal over Time also provides much utility. It regenerates much of a tanks health or if focus pulling it keeps the pet alive for most of the pull and so it saves much of the healer's power.

AE DoT and Single Target DoT allows the baseline single target DoT that stacks. There's a lot of use in both RvR and PvE. In RvR it would provide much irritation for Healers.

Mind Mastery - Mind Mastery is a supportive line for the Mentalist. It provides another form of CC that's on a different timer than that of the bard CC. Mez, Heal, Confuse, and cure mez are the points of Mind Mastery.

The Mez is a single target but it is energy based so it is different than that of the Bard and Light Eldritch CC, so it has it's own immunity timer. It lasts 1m 20s.

Cure Mez helps the bards cure mez and lets the group keep moving quickly. As a 2ndary cure mezzer.

The Mentalist Heal is amongst the most powerful in Hibernia. Although it is single target, it can help buy valuable time with quick cast.

Confuse is useful mostly in PvE because it can make the mob attack their allies. It stacks on top of the Bard Confuse.

Realm Abilities - There are many different RAs a Mentalist can choose. The most common are Severing the Tether, MCL, Wild Power, Wild Arcana, Purge, Serenity.

Serenity increases the rate at which your regenerate Power, so thus it's useful for PvE and stacks with Mana Regen. Requires Augmented Acuity 2.

Wild Power increases your chance to crit on your DD type spells, thus increasing your damage. The increase on criticals is high, and extremely useful overall. This also requires Augmented Acuity 2

Mastery of Concentration is useful if you're in a crowd situation and are under attack a lot. Its more of a situation basis. A costly 14 points, and requires Augmented Acuity 3.

Wild Arcana is useful to Mana Mentalists because it allows you a chance to critical 5% per level with your DoTs. Mez is not affected by this. This requires Augmented Acuity 2.

Mastery of the Art is debatably useful. It increases the cast speed of your spells by 3% per level, but there is still a 2s cast time hard cap that you can't go below, and since Dexterity affects how fast you cast, this ability can be wasted if you spec too high in it. Requires Augmented Acuity 2 Currently MoA bypasses the spell cap time, but this may be a bug.

Mastery of Magery increases the base damage of your DDs by 3% per level. Overall useful, but depends on your line and how often you use DDs. Requires Augmented Acuity 2.

Avoidance of Magic increases your magic resists by 3% per level. This isn't affected by the hardcap, just think of it as it goes on top of your spell resists after your armor, which is limited to 26% at level 50. No requirement.

Toughness can be useful to some, it increases your hit points by 3% per level, which could be another hit for a caster, or a few more seconds to live. No requirements.

Raging Power is another debatable RA, if you run out of power a lot in RvR, it's useful to get, but you have to be able to spend a lot of that bar of power. So it's not very useful in gank group situations, but more so in big zerg situations. Requires MCL 2.

Purge is useful in many cases, but it does cost a lot so it's up to you if you want to spend the points to get it or not. No requirements.

Severing the Tether makes all the pets in the area turn on their masters and fight for you instead. Costly 10 points, and is a Ground Target effect. The anti Bonedancer and Theurgist weapon.

Ethereal Bond can be useful to some, but it's not always so. It increases your power by 3% per level, but it requires Serenity 2 which also requires Augmented Acuity 2. 8 points before you can get this, so it's up to you if you want to get it or not.

Wild Healing is useful to Mind Mastery Mentalist if they're healing a lot.
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