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Epic Armor Tricks

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Epic Armor Strategy Guide

The epic armor is the most sought after armor in the game. This armor is the strongest quest armor and is the best looking armor you can get in the game. Well before we tell you the way to get the armor we will give you a little information on what this armor is.

What requirements do I need in order to obtain the epic armor?

-You must be level 50 first.

-You need to do all other quests given by your trainer.

Now there isn't as much information needed for this quest. Basically you want to just get a full group and make your way through the dungeon but here is some information that will help you.

1 Make sure you have only one person who draws the monsters.

2. Make a group with the following.

- 2 mages

- 4 Tanks 2 necro if you can

- 1 Cleric

3. Have two of the tanks protect/guard the wizards and the other two protect/guard the cleric.

4. Work your way down the dungeon and kill. Not many tricks people have to kill the high level mobs. They tend to adjust the game if any tricks for killing the mods are found. You just need to fight your way and take one mob at a time.

5. Use just one mage to lure the mobs to you. Always try to get the main guy by himself if you can’t, try to lure the critters around him first then lure him. The trick works from time to time but not always.

6. Good luck.
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