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Albion Leveling Guide

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Where to Level in Albion?

Albion is the hardest of all 3 lands to level. So included is multiple aeras for almost each level. All spots with a * next to the name means that this is the best spot to level at your current level.

1 – 3

*Low monsters in Camelot Hills

4 – 8

*Monsters at Prydwen Keep in Camelot Hills

9 – 13

*Random Monsters in Salsibury Plains

-Undead Druids North of Darkness Falls in Camelot Hills

14 – 18

*Kill High level monsters around Stonehedge barrows in Salisbury plains

- Darkness Falls beginning area

19 - 20

* Keltoi dungeon in Campacor Forest

20 - 24

-Battle grounds and gain a free level taking over the fort with teamates.

* Keltoi dungeon in Campacor Forest

-South Salsibury plains and hunt the bandits near the water. Lure them one at a time for easy kills and xp

-Darkness Falls killing fiends with groups.

-Go to the Cornwall Catacombs with a group of others players..


*Go to battle grounds and gain a free level taking over the fort with teamates.

-Cornwall Catacombs solo killing boogeys.

-Darkness falls with other players killing flyers in the dungeon.

-Go to battle grounds and hunt the ire wolfs and goblins solo in the area.

31 – 38

*Hunt in Stonehedge Barrows with other players your level range. This place is especially nice due to the large amount of playeers there for ressurecting ect.

-Go to Lyonesse and hunt the variety of monsters in the area.

-Darkness Falls

39 – 42

-Darkness Falls solo or with groups

*Solo Stonehedge barrows

-Danaoi Fisherman in Lyonesse


*Darkness Falls

-Avalon City

-The problem is the majority of monsters are to weak now so your best chance of leveling is to hunt with raids.

Cordinates of Albion

Here are the most frequently used cordinates for hunting in Albion

Keltoi dungeon 60282 54113 in Campacor Forest

Cornwall Dungeon 31744 50861 in Cornwall

Cornwall 39715 54875 in cornwall

Castle Sauvage 36043 367 in Camelot Hills

Camelot 6875 30719 in Camelot Hills

Stone Hedge 37208 36238 in Salisbury Plains

Darkness Falls 50326 52907 in Camelot Hills

Prydwen 21969 48754 in Camelot Hills

Horse Route

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