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Druid Soloing Guide

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A solo character should obviously focus his attention on Nurture and Nature Affinity. Of course, a soloing druid will need a pet to accompany him. A pet may generally be considered as a form of DoT as well as a walking "punching bag" to take hits for you once in a while. The buffs become extremely important for both you AND your pet, so the Nurture specialization is a must. A suggestion I could make is that a solo druid should stop adding spec points in Nature Affinity when he/she reaches level 32 in that spec line. You will have then reached the highest possible Summon Pet spell. All other points should then be spent on Nurture, and maybe some in Regrowth as you will need to heal yourself after encounters. Some might argue that there still is some benefits to continue specializing in Nature after hitting level 32, but I consider that the buff spells will give an even greater advantage in the long run. Also, spending more points in Nurture will give you buffs that will make you appreciated in any group if you ever decide to join one from time to time. It's all about giving you the best possibilities. In short, spend as much as you can on Nurture while making sure you will hit level 32 in Nature, and spend as less as you can in Regrowth.
Example of spec'ed out level 50 Solo druid:
Nurture 42
Regrowth 11
Nature Affinity 32
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