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Ranger Hunting Guide

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LvL 11 - 12


Just north (find the stablemaster and go north for about 100 feet or so) of Tir mBeo is a small patch of woods. There are alot of Lums to kill and also wolves are plentiful (which offer a neg on hits). mBeo is close and you can bind/sell there

LvL 15 - 17

Miner camp. Is part of your quest at 15 anyway so might as well exp there. In fact some nice gloves and items can drop from there as well. If you stay high on the hill exp is good and safe. Bind in Howth and Go straight east. Swim across the water and keep running east until you see a camp. Just north is a cove of trees. Siabra Miners and Archers are there. They hit hard but swing REALLY slow.

LvL 19 - 21

Parth Farm. This place is usually heavily camped BUT there is 2 other parth farms I have also found. One way up north in Connacth and another down south. The most popular one is the east one not to far from Meg. Either way Exp is steady and the stablemaster is a place to sell.

Lvl 22-24

Irewood Saplings in Lough Gur. Take a horse to Innis. After you cross the bridge and Tower near Connla in about 2 minutes of riding there is a tent with merchants. Jump off here. follow the path SE a little and the first patch of woods you see will have these mobs there. They are slow, stand still so you can get max range and drop good money items to run back to vendor. Easily make a gold per 30 minutes of exping here.

Lvl 25 - 27

Water Badgers/Merman .. Just north of the bridge near Connla in the water is two patches of water badgers and merman. Also a little further north is a split in the water , follow it for merman heaven. Badgers are good steady exp and very safe. The tower near the bridge is a place to sell and also has a vault

LvL 27 The Young Irewoods just north of Tir North gate. Easy, steady and good

Lvl 30 Siabria Wayslayers in Lower Gur. Take a horse to Innis after the merchant tents in Gur the path will split one going to innis other to bog. Jump off here and follow path toward the bog. BE careful on the path when you get through the forest the wayslayers are there. With quest bow you will kill easily.

Lvl 31 Fog Wraths in Cliffs of Moher. Take horse form Ardagh to Tir Urphost.. get off and go west past the town and kill. Good money. No arrow merchant so bring lots of arrows.

IREWOODS in Mt. Collory.. just through the gates and near the emps you will see two hills with Irewoods. Steady safe EXP and the money is huge.. I made 100 gold in one day fo exping and 2 levels here.

Level 32 - 34: Gorge rats/Squabblers.

Level 35 - 36: Phookas... Near Basar. Just past Ardee as you cross the bridge. There is an arrow merchant there so is great place if not camped already.

Horses in the gorge (Auquishys (sp). near the first fort on the path from Ligen ....just left of the path at the lake. Steady exp and good at 35.

Setts... as you just come out of the gate at ligen go up right hill you will see a valley Fully of blue and yellow setts.

Level 36 - 37: Imps

Level 37 - 38: Torcs

Level 38 - 39: Crum wanters .. in the gorge at about 5k 5k loc there is a valley full of them. Steady easy EXP.. huge money.

Level 40 - 42: Irewood Greenbarks. In gorge also. Near the first fort on path the woods near the lake
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