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Claiming keeps is a difficult thing to do in Dark Age of Camelot, if your enemy is well organized and ready for some sort of attack. If they are not ready and you are well organized and have the man power to over come their guards, claiming can be quite easy.

1.1 Commands
/claim With a full group of people from teh same guild in the lords room, they will claim the keep with this command
/upgrade # This will upgrade or downgrade the guards of the keep to the level desired between 1-10
/upgrade # With the doors targeted the crafter can upgrade the strength of keep doors between level 1-10. Must have the apropriate ammount of wood
/repair Wood crafter repairs a door to its apropriate level with the right ammount of wood

1.2 Benefits of Claiming a Keep
While claiming keeps comes with the gratitude of crushing the other realms hope of keeping their relics very long, there are many other bonuses that come along with it in game. They are as follows:

When a guild has claimed a Keep - all members of that guild and all allied guilds will gain certain bonuses when in PVP combat
Each Keep has a 'difficulty' rating from 1 to 5. Those keeps in the guild's home frontier close to the home zones are the lowest difficulty (1). Those keeps deep within enemy territory are the highest difficulty (5). The low difficulty keeps will give very few bonuses. The high difficulty keeps will give the most bonuses.
The guild earns (1000 times Keep Difficulty) Guild Realm Points per hour that they hold the keep.
When a guild owns a keep - all guards who spawn in that keep will spawn with the guild's emblem on their cloaks and the tagged with the guild's name.
A banner will be placed on the keep with the guild's emblem.
+1% per enemy Keep conquered by your realm in an enemy realm.
+2% times difficulty(1-5) if your guild is currently holding a keep.
+3% times difficulty(1-5) if you are defending a keep that your guild alliance is holding.
Example: If your realm has conquered 5 outposts in other realms, you'll always receive a +5% bonus no matter where you are. If in addition you are in a guild holding a difficulty 3 keep just across the border, you'll get an additional +6% (total of +11%) bonus no matter where you are. If in addition you are fighting in the name region of your held keep you'll get an additional +9% (total of +20%).
The realm with the most keeps gets access to Darkness Falls.
Players now receive an exp bonus when fighting within 16,000 units of a keep controlled by your realm or your guild. You get 20% bonus if your guild owns the keep or a 10% bonus if your realm owns the keep.
When a guild claims an outpost, all guards from that outpost raise one level. Additionally, as the keep is upgraded - one level is added to every guard for every upgrade level on the keep. Note that the named guards at the relic keeps are "from" these outposts and enjoy the same upgrades.

Listing of Keep Difficulty Levels:
Note that each keep's difficulty is relative to each Realm. Here is a listing of the keeps and their difficulties.

Albion Keeps:
Caer Hurbury: Albion=1, Midgard=5, Hibernia=5
Caer Renaris: Albion=1, Midgard=5, Hibernia=5
Caer Boldiam: Albion=1, Midgard=4, Hibernia=4
Caer Berkstead: Albion=1, Midgard=4, Hibernia=4
Caer Erasleigh: Albion=1, Midgard=3, Hibernia=3
Caer Sursbrooke: Albion=1, Midgard=3, Hibernia=3
Caer Benowyc: Albion=2, Midgard=2, Hibernia=2

Midgard Keeps:
Fensalir Faste: Midgard=1, Albion=5, Hibernia=5
Arvakr Faste: Midgard=1, Albion=5, Hibernia=5
Hlidskialf Faste: Midgard=1, Albion=4, Hibernia=4
Glenlock Faste: Midgard=1, Albion=4, Hibernia=4
Nottmoor Faste: Midgard=1 Albion=3, Hibernia=3
Blendrake Faste: Midgard=1, Albion=3, Hibernia=3
BLedmeer Faste: Midgard=2, Albion=2, Hibernia=2

Hibernia Keeps:
Dun Scathaig: Hibernia=1, Albion=5, Midgard=5
Dun Ailinne: Hibernia=1, Albion=5, Midgard=5
Dun Da Behnn: Hibernia=1, Albion=4, Midgard=4
Dun na nGed: Hibernia=1, Albion=4, Midgard=4
Dun Bolg: Hibernia=1, Albion=3, Midgard=3
Dun Crimthainn: Hibernia=1, Albion=3, Midgard=3
Dun Crauchon: Hibernia=2, Albion=2, Midgard=2

1.3 Benefits of Claiming a Relic
There are six relics in the game (2 per Realm): one is a bonus to melee damage, and one is a bonus to magical damage. Note that we will be expanding the number of Relics per Realm in the future. Your Realm's Relics have no bonus to you, but if you go to another Realm and capture their Relics and bring them back to your Realm's Relic Keep, then you will get their bonus. Please note that you must have your two Relics safe in their Keeps before you can take another Realm's Relics and thus acquire their bonuses.

The bonuses for holding each relic to +10% per relic. Your own Realm's Relics are not longer counted when figuring the bonuses. Thus, if you have both your Relics, and all four enemy Realm Relics, you will have a 20% bonus for both PVE and PVP damages for melee and spells. Note that you are still incented to hold your own relic since you can't claim another relic unless you have your own. For instance if you have your own strength relic and one other strength relic, you'll get +10% to all melee damages. In the worst case, if all your relics are taken, you'll receive no bonuses (and no penalties). Please note that you can now view this bonus information using the new "bonuses" button on your character sheet.

Each home Outpost (frontier keep), when "owned" by the home realm, controls a contingent of guards at each Relic Keep. For example, if the forces of Albion control the Albion Outpost Caer Benowyc, a number of guards representing Caer Benowyc will appear at the Relic Keeps in the Albion frontier. The number of "Relic Guards" these outposts spawns depends on the location of the outpost - the number is either 2,3, or 4 guards. These are referred to as "Outpost relic guards", and are distinguished from normal guards at the relics by being higher level and having the name of the "controlling" Outpost keep over their heads.

However, the actual number of "Outpost Relic Guards" at the relic keep is modified by two factors: Outposts owned and Relics owned.

Relics owned:

Outpost Relic Guards are reduced by 25% for every relic over 2 owned by a Realm.

3 relics owned = 75% frontier keep relic guards
4 relics owned = 50% frontier keep relic guards
5 relics owned = 25% frontier keep relic guards
6 relics owned = 0% frontier keep relic guards

Outposts Owned

When an Outpost is captured by the enemy, the guards it controls are not spawned at the relic keeps.

2.0 How to Claim Keeps and Relics
2.1 Claiming Keeps
1) you must be of a guild rank that has claim permissions.
2) you must be in a full group with 7 other members of your guild.
3) your guild must have at least 500 Guild Bounty Points. (see below)
4) You must be standing next to the Keep Lord of the keep you wish to claim.
5) no other friendly guild can currently be owning it.
6) your guild must not currently own another keep.
7) after all these conditions are met, type /GC CLAIM

A message is printed to the realm that currently controls an outpost when it is claimed or released. Only realm members of realm level 10 or higher see these messages, or those that belong to the guild.

To retain control of your keep your guild will be charged 50 Guild Bounty Points per hour for every upgrade level of the keep. The upgrade level is 1 by default when the keep is claimed. When your guild runs out of bounty points, your claim on the keep is released.

A guild can "step up" the number of GBP's they spend per hour to upgrade the various NPC's of their Keep. The guildmaster (or anyone of a realm rank that has Upgrade permissions) can use the /GC UPGRADE command to upgrade the keep's level. Each Keep will have an "upgrade" level from 1 to 10. Depending on the Keep's upgrade level, the guards, archers, patrollers and keep lord have their combat strength upgraded. An upgraded keep costs additional GBP's to support - 50 per level of upgrade. Thus, the guild will spend from 50 to 500 GBP's per hour.

To release a claim on a keep, a guild member who is of a rank that has Release privileges can use the /GC RELEASE command (from anywhere in the game). This will stop the hourly charge on your Guild Bounty Points, as well as allow you to claim a new keep.

2.2 Claiming Relics
Relic Locations:
Merlin's Staff - Power Relic - Snowdonia Relic Castle
Excalibur's Scabbard - Strength Relic - Forest Sauvage Castle

Cauldron of Dagda - Power Relic - Mt. Collory Castle
Lug's Spear of Lightning - Strength Relic - Cruachan Castle

Thor’s Hammer (aka Mjollnir) - Strength Relic - Uppland Castle
Horn of Valhalla - Power Relic - Yggdra Castle

In order to affective take a relic from a keep, the attacking realm shoudl have more than about 50 people with them(at the very least). They have to realize that the relics are near to the frontier gates and once a relic goes under attack the whole realm defending will start swarming out of the gates like bees ina honey comb. Be ready to get death spam and die alot. Taking relics is not easy for a good reason.

However, if a realm does get lucky and get the relic the bonuses that come with it are outstanding. In order to claim a relic there are a few guidelines that must be met. They are as follows:

The person getting the relic must be guilded
The guild must own a keep
The keep that the relic is going to be held in must have been held for approximately 2 hours or you can not put a relic in the keep.
You can not take a relic from a claimed keep. You must kill the keep lord to revert the keep to unclaimed status before picking up a relic.
Be sure that the guild takign the relic back to their keep has enough Bounty points to hold it for a long time. If a Relic is placed in an guild-controlled outpost, and the guild controlling that outpost runs out of Bounty Points to maintain it, the Relic will revert back to its original Relic Keep.

2.3 Keep Doors (Upgrading and Repairing)
Destroying a keep door will now reset it down to the lowest level of wood - you'll then have to upgrade it from there.

Wood Units per Wood Type
Type Amount Wood Units Weight Cost
Rowan 20 20 5 75 Cp
Elm 20 80 5 12 Sp
Oaken 20 160 5 48 Sp
Ironwood 20 320 5 1 Gp 44 Sp
Heartwood 20 640 5 4 Gp 32 Sp
Runewood 20 960 5 8 Gp 64 Sp
Stonewood 20 1200 5 12 Gp 96 Sp
Ebonwood 20 1600 5 19 Gp 44 Sp
NOTE:The wood names may be different from realm to realm but the units and cost are all the same.

Wood Units and Skill Needed to Repair Doors
Current Level Average Wood Units Needed Per Repair Approximate Minimum Skill
1 60 100
2 320 150
3 880 200
4 3440 250
5 14408 300
6 34560 350
7 40000 400
8 48000 450

2.4 Bounty Points(Personal)
As you accrue Realm Points, you accrue Bounty Points, which you can spend in special stores to get special magical items. Once you spend bounty points, they go away just like money does. There are three types: healing, stamina , and spell power healing. There are a few levels of these, please see the list below. Please note that will will add more bounty store objects over time.

You can find the Bounty stores in each Realm's main city. See the World notes for the precise store locations.

You may have a maximum number of bounty items based on your realm rank - i.e. one per Realm Rang. To use a bounty item, the item must be your level or lower - otherwise the item will not work for you.

To use the item, place it somewhere in your inventory (they do not have to be equipped). Then left click on the item to make a short cut to the item on your hot bar. After this to use simply click on the hot-bar icon. At that point the items spell will be cast and it will disappear. One bounty item may be used every 3 minutes of real time - you can use it while fighting, but you'll have to exit out of combat mode and wait for your weapon timer to expire to do so (usually just a few seconds). Then click the item to "fire" its effect and re-enter combat.

Higher level objects have more healing power than lower level ones.

The cost is as follows:
level 20 - 100 bounty points
level 30 - 200 bounty points
level 40 - 300 bounty points
level 50 - 400 bounty points


Stamina Heals
Smooth Earthen Stone - level 20 stamina
Imbued Earthen Stone - level 30 stamina
Luminescent Earthen Stone - level 40 stamina
Pulsing Earthen Stone - level 50 stamina

Health Heals
Smooth Watery Stone - level 20 healing
Imbued Watery Stone - level 30 healing
Luminescent Watery Stone - level 40 healing
Pulsing Watery Stone - level 50 healing

Power Heals
Smooth Fiery Stone - level 20 power
Imbued Fiery Stone - level 30 power
Luminescent Fiery Stone - level 40 power
Pulsing Fiery Stone - level 50 power


Stamina Heals
Carved Totem of Heimdal - level 20 stamina
Polished Totem of Heimdal - level 30 stamina
Embossed Totem of Heimdal - level 40 stamina
Encrusted Totem of Heimdal - level 50 stamina

Health Heals
Carved totem of Eir - level 20 healing
Polished Totem of Eir - level 30 healing
Embossed Totem of Eir - level 40 healing
Encrusted Totem of Eir - level 50 healing

Power Heals
Carved Totem of Odin - level 20 power
Polished Totem of Odin - level 30 power
Embossed Totem of Odin - level 40 power
Encrusted Totem of Odin - level 50 power


Stamina Heals
Tiny Crystal of Arduina - level 20 stamina
Small Crystal of Arduina - level 30 stamina
Crystal of Arduina - level 40 stamina
Precious Crystal of Arduina - level 50 stamina

Health Heals
Tiny Crystal of Dianecht - level 20 healing
Small Crystal of Dianecht - level 30 healing
Crystal of Dianecht - level 40 healing
Precious Crystal of Dianecht - level 50 healing

Power Heals
Tiny Crystal of Fintan - level 20 power
Small Crystal of Fintan - level 30 power
Crystal of Fintan - level 40 power
Precious Crystal of Fintan - level 50 power

2.5 Bounty Points(Guild)
Bounty points are your Realm's payment to you for defending your Realm. Guilds have a pool of Guild Bounty Points (GBP's) that it can spend on the claiming and upgrading of claimed keeps. Guilds earn one GBP per Bounty Point each player in the guild earns.

2.6 Realm Points
Realm Points are awarded to a player for killing a player from another realm. In Groups the realm points are given as per the following formula:

100% bonus - 12.5% per person in the group - 1 person (taking into account you get that xp).(So a group of 8 people, the same level, get about 11.1% of the total RPS awarded for the kill)
Note: Keep in mind everyone in group is same level as target.

The range of gainign RPs a groupmate kills is 8000.

Realm Ranks and Titles

Rank Realm Points Hibernia Midgard Albion
0 0 Wayfarer Vakten Protector
1 1 Savant Skiltvakten Guardian
2 7,125 Consantoir Isen Vakten
3 61,750 Brehon Flammen Vakten
4 213,875 Grove Protector Elding Vakten
Gryphon Knight

5 513,500 Raven Ardent Stormur Vakten
Eagle Knight

6 1,010,625 Silver Hand Isen Herra
Phoenix Knight

7 1,755,250 Thunderer Flammen Herra
Alerion Knight

8 2,797,375 Gilded Spear Elding Herra
Unicorn Knight

9 4,187,000 Tiarna Stormur Herra
Lion Knight

10 5,974,125 Emerald Ridere Einherjar Dragon Knight

Realm Points Per Realm Level

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10
0 0 7,125 61,750 213,875 513,500 1,010,625 1,755,250 2,797,375 4,187,000 5,974,125
L1 1 9,625 71,750 236,375 553,000 1,073,125 1,845,250 2,919,875 4,347,000 6,176,625
L2 25 12,650 82,775 260,400 595,525 1,138,150 1,938,275 3,045,900 4,511,025 6,383,650
L3 125 16,250 94,875 286,000 639,625 1,205,750 2,034,375 3,175,500 4,679,125 6,595,250
L4 350 20,475 108,100 313,225 685,850 1,275,975 2,133,600 3,308,725 4,851,350 6,811,475
L5 750 25,375 122,500 342,125 734,250 1,348,875 2,236,000 3,445,625 5,027,750 7,032,375
L6 1,375 31,000 138,125 372,750 784,875 1,424,500 2,341,625 3,586,250 5,208,375 7,258,000
L7 2,275 37,400 155,025 405,150 837,775 1,502,900 2,450,525 3,730,650 5,393,275 7,488,400
L8 3,500 44,625 173,250 439,375 893,000 1,584,125 2,562,750 3,878,875 5,582,500 7,723,625
L9 5,100 52,725 192,850 475,475 950,600 1,668,025 2,678,350 4,030,975 5,776,100 7,963,725
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