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In Game Commands

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In Game Commands

Chat Commands

/bind Bind to the stone so when you die if you /release youll end up there.
/group or /g Sends a message to members of your group.
/pray If killed by a npc you drop a gravestone pray in order to gain lost xp.
/quit or /q Quit the game.
/release Return to bindstone after death.
/rest or /r Rest to regain health, endurance, and power twice as fast
/say or /s Sends a message to those around you
/send or /t Sends a private messages to another person (i.e., /send john hi).
/stand Stand up.
/random [#] Picks a random number from 1-(number specified)

Information Commands

/dir or /d Shows your faced direction
/quest Shows quests completed, and to be done.
/task Shows all accepted tasks
/time Shows the current game time
/who Shows players in the current area.
/who <#> level Lists all players of specified level
/who all Shows all players in the game
/who csr Shows Customer Service Representatives online
/who help Shows /who commands
./where Tells an NPC to show where another one is located..

Group Commands

/cg disband Disband the chat group
/cg invite Invite a player to join your chat group
/cg remove Remove a player from your chat group
/cg who Shows members of the chat group
/disband Removes yourself from group, If you’re the leader disbands the group.
/friend Sends a messages to members of your chat group
/invite Invite a selected person into your group.
/join Accept a group invitation

Help Commands

/stuck Logs you out then back on at a valid area.
/advisor Makes you become an advisor. (after 15 hours of play)
/advice Shows advisor players
/advice Asks a message to the selected advisor
/appeal Sends a message to in game help.

Combat Actions
/assist Assist target doing battle
/face Faces the target
/guard Guards the target
/protect Protect the target
/stick or /follow You follow the target if you use /stick you will follow much closer.
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