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Scout Hunting Guide

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1 - brownies, good loot at 1 and a good balance of attack vs defence modifiers

2 - grey wolf pups, loot not so good but good modifiers
puny skeletons, bad modifiers but love the tattered armor

3 - spriggarns, good mods, armor, some rare drops, good spawn near cotswold

4 - decayed zombies, ok mods and plentiful near cotswold, can also kill skeletons (green) when no zombies so little time wasted

5 - small bears, slow and drop skins and sometimes a weapon
emerald snakes (yellow but easy to handle), good exp
putrid (I think it's putrid around the buried statue) zombies, easy to handle
zombie sows and boars, at the farm at night - good exp, they're slow and the farmer gives good rewards for their tails

6 - drakelings, I do nothing but drakelings across the river from Prydwen keep for this level, 1/5 actually hits me, the rest drop in front of me. At this point I start using flight blunts for the pull and rough clout bodkins for normal arrows

7 - sprites around the river (camelot hills) and/or spiders and lions and goblin fishermen across the river in black mountains south.

8 - lions, bears and spiders in north part of black mountains south, close to guard tower.

9 - Filidh (druids) at the top of the hill behind the guard tower where I was hunting at 8,

10 - Comp. Forest - Oak Men, Carrion Drakes in Salisbury Plains

8-12 - Mithras tomb

13 - South-west corner of Avalon Marsh - Marsh Worms

11-15 - Comp. Forest ogre mystics, grove nymphs near West Downs, Wind Mephits in the Plains

15 – 19 - Avalon marsh mud golems and giant water leapers, Comp. Forest disturbed presences

19–20 - Sauvage Forest, Forest adders, giant wolves, black cats or Trees

20-22 Salisbury Planes Giants

Lvl 22 and 23 - Forest Giants in Sauvage Forest, Cornwall hunters

Level 24 - Keltoi Fouge, Cornwall hunters, ghoul lords north of Caer Witrin

Lvl 26 - Cornwall hunters, moor boogeys

25-30 – Catacombs Undead, Snowdonia - Howling Knifeman and Howling Maidens

30-32 Llyn Barfog - Bgwan Fisherman by the lake, undead monks at the ruined monastery, Wicked Cythrauls

32-34 – Snowdonia Fearie Frogs by the lake, Lynesse dhunters

35-36 – Emain Macha (Hibernia frontier) - boogie men and graugaches

36-38 - the farm in Cornwall - Rooters

35-40 – Snowdonia - Arawnite Shamaness and Warriors

40-43 - Snowdonia - Tylwyth Tegs, hamadryads border of Cornwall and Lyonesse, Dunters Lyonesse,

43-50 – Penine Mountains knotted fellwoods
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