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About Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls is a new dungeon that is joined to all the realms. Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia. However, only one realm can have access to Darkness Falls(DF) at any given time. Through the conquest of keeps each realm gains access. The realm with the most keeps gets the entrance If, all the realms are equal in the amount of keeps each possesses, then the control of DF still belongs to the realm that had the most keeps last.

In DF there are many dangerous creatures wandering around, and very powerful enemies waiting in the Darkness. Those with good enough groups can travel deep into DF and explore the more dangerous areas of the dungeon. By exploring deeper in the dungeon there are rewards such as drops of Diamond Seals given by killed monsters. These seals in turn can be sold to the merchants at the entrance of each realms gate into DF, for very powerful non drop items.

Good luck, brave adventurers, and good hunting in Darkness Falls........

All of Darkness Falls: http://www.io.com/~caladin/kirstena/alb ... sfalls.pdf
Albion Side: 0
Hibernia Side: 0
Midgard Side: 0
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Albion Merchants
Merchant Types of Items Sold Seal Type
Debo Jewelry, Plate, Chain Emerald
Meppo Jewelry, Plate, Chain Sapphire
Suno Jewelry, Plate, Chain Diamond
Uvo Studded, Leather, Cloth Emerald
Ulo Studded, Leather, Cloth Sapphire
Kudo Studded, Leather, Cloth Diamond
Kulo Weapons Emerald
Empo Weapons Sapphire
Pico Weapons Diamond
Daro Items Sapphire
Bolo Introduction

Hibernia Merchants
Merchant Types of Items Sold Seal Type
Wovo Jewelry, Scale, Reinforced Emerald
Beelo Jewelry, Scale, Reinforced Sapphire
Ebo Jewelry, Scale, Reinforced Diamond
Neno Leather, Cloth Emerald
Darbo Leather, Cloth Sapphire
Yojo Leather, Cloth Diamond
Dano Weapons Emerald
Godo Weapons Sapphire
Horto Weapons Diamond
Etho Introduction

Midgard Merchants
Merchant Types of Items Sold Seal Type
Thago Chain, Items Emerald
Lucifo Chain, Items Sapphire
Orto Chain, Items Diamond
lago Studded, Leather, Cloth Emerald
marbo Studded, Leather, Cloth Sapphire
lono Studded, Leather, Cloth Diamond
Lulo Weapons Emerald
Tulo Weapons Sapphire
Hulo Weapons Diamond
Olo Introduction

Monster Tables
Keep in mind, all mobs in DF add, unless solo. If solo you will only get single mobs. IF you are grouped you will get anywhere from 2-6 mobs at a time depending on size of group and mob.
Monster Level Range Seals Dropped

Ambassador Mannam 65
Angelic Visage 99
Apprentice Necyomancer 18-23
Archived Souls 40
Archivist Borath 40
Avernal Quasit 32-37 Emerald
Ba'alorian Wrath Diamond
Behemoth 99
Beliathan Diamond, Loot
Cambion 52-57 Sapphire
Chamberlain 79
Chosian 55-61 Diamond
Chthonian Crawler 60-63 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Diamond
Chthonic Knight Absax 70 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Aciel 62 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Ain Diamond
Chthonic Knight Azea 70 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Babyzu 62-65 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Carnivon 65-70 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Exal 68 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Exte 60 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Ezpeth 66 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Fonath 74 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Gaapolar 72 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Haag 72 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Ibeko 60 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Marbos 68 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Obarus 60 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Olov 74 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Prosel 69 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Ronoro 66 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Tamuel 74 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Ukobat 66 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Vosoes 72 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Zaeber 68 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Zafan 64 Diamond
Chthonic Knight Zagel 70 Diamond
Clinging Soul 42
Commander Abgar 69 Diamond, Loot
Condemned Necyomancer 48-53
Cursed Necyomancer 42-46 Sapphire, Emerald
Deamhaness 33-36
Demoniac Familiar 15-40
Demoniac Familiar (Ant) 19-25
Demoniac Familiar (Dog) 32-38
Demoniac Familiar (Rat) 15-20
Demoniac Familiar (Spider) 30-34
Director Kobil 50
Duke Apoe Diamond, Loot
Duke Aypol 75 Diamond, Loot
Duke Bimure 75 Diamond, Loot
Duke Eligar 75 Diamond, Loot
Duke Salis 75 Diamond, Loot
Duke Satori 75 Diamond, Loot
Duke Zepor 75 Diamond, Loot
Earl Fenex 71 Diamond, Loot
Earl Glassalab 71 Diamond, Loot
Earl Ipostian 71 Diamond, Loot
Earl Merun 71 Diamond, Loot
Earl Oraxus 71 Diamond, Loot
Earl Vone 71 Diamond, Loot
Essence Shredder 52-64 Sapphire
Experienced Necyomancer 36-43
Gatekeeper Dommel 79 Diamond
Grand Chancellor Adremal 79 Diamond, loot
Grumoz Demon 10-11
High Lord Baelerdoth 77 Diamond, Loot
High Lord Baln 77 Diamond, Loot
High Lord Oro 77 Diamond, Loot
High Lord Seaor 77 Diamond, Loot
Hopeless Soul 50
Inquisitor Aegis Diamond
Inquisitor Bor Diamond
Inquisitor Factol Diamond
Inquisitor Famuel 74 Diamond
Inquisitor Haimir 68 Diamond
Inquisitor Hellos 64 Diamond
Inquisitor Irawn 60 Diamond
Inquisitor Kireasil 74 Diamond
Inquisitor Lazarus Diamond
Inquisitor Morg Diamond
Inquisitor Morrian 62 Diamond
Inquisitor Nej 68 Diamond
Inquisitor Tlaw Diamond
Inquisitor Yonzael Diamond
Inquisitor Yor Diamond
Inquisitor Zanzioni Diamond
Inquisitor Zawebin Diamond
Lecherous Gress 40-43
Legion 83 Diamond, Loot
Lieutenant Persun 68 Diamond, Loot
Lilispawn 29-34 Emerald
Mahr 55-61 Sapphire
Marquis Almen 73 Diamond, Loot
Marquis Dortaleon 73 Diamond, Loot
Marquis Focalleste 73 Diamond, Loot
Marquis Haurian 73 Diamond, Loot
Marquis Scottiax 73 Diamond, Loot
Marquis Valupa 73 Diamond, Loot
Molochian Tempter
40-50 Sapphire
Murdoch the Cook
Mutilator Axa'al 70-72 Diamond
Mutilator Axalnam 68-69 Diamond
Mutilator Axtanax 60 Diamond
Mutilator Konapher 74 Diamond
Mutilator Laicanroth 63 Diamond
Mutilator Lazorous 64 Diamond
Mutilator Marbozer 68 Diamond
Mutilator Namox Diamond
Mutilator Nianax 62 Diamond
Mutilator Novinrac 64 Diamond
Mutilator Okabi 60 Diamond
Mutilator Oprionach 74 Diamond
Mutilator Phaxazis 66 Diamond
Mutilator Samiol 74 Diamond
Mutilator Uxybab 68 Diamond
Mutilator Vorazax 72 Diamond
Mutilator Vozoaz 72 Diamond
Mutilator Xaabaro 68 Diamond
Mutilator Xagalith 70-77 Diamond
Mutilator Xakanos 64 Diamond
Mutilator Xazbalor 70 Diamond
Mutilator Zurabo 60 Diamond
Nabarite Drinker 47-56 Sapphire
Necyomancer 30-36 Emerald
Nightmare 61-65 Diamond
Pale Guardian 72
Plated Fiend 25-30 Emerald
Prince Abdin Diamond, Loot
Prince Asmoien 78 Diamond, Loot
Prince Ba'alorian Diamond, Loot
Princess Nahemah 71-76 Diamond, Loot
Rocot 36-42 Emerald
Soultorn Albion Alerion Knight 43 Sapphire
Soultorn Albion Eagle Knight 38-42 Sapphire
Soultorn Albion Guardian 28-31 Emerald
Soultorn Albion Myrimidon 33 Sapphire
Soultorn Albion Pheonix Knight 40-44 Sapphire
Soultorn Albion Protector 25-28 Emerald
Soultorn Hibernian Cosantoir 30 Sapphire
Soultorn Hibernian Grove Protector 36 Sapphire
Soultorn Hibernian Raven Ardent 38-42 Sapphire
Soultorn Hibernian Savant 28-30 Emerald
Soultorn Hibernian Silver Hand 40-44 Sapphire
Soultorn Hibernian Thunderer 43 Sapphire
Soultorn Hibernian Wayfarer 25-27 Emerald
Soultorn Norse Einherjar 50-55 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Flammen Herra 43 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Flammen Vakten 33 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Isen Herra 43 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Isen Vakten
30-33 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Skilt Vakten 28-30 Emerald
Soultorn Norse Stormur Vakten 38-42 Sapphire
Soultorn Norse Vakten 25-27 Emerald
Succubus 57-63 Diamond
Tormented Necyomancer 46-50 Emerald
Umbral Aegis 63-68 Diamond
Umbrood Warriors 59-65 Diamond
Young Necyomancer 24-39 Emerald

Items Dropped in Darkness Falls
Item Name Bonuses Usable By Dropped By
Ancient Daemon Jerkin (Hib) AF: 102 ABS: 10 Str: 18 Dex: 18 Slash: 10 Body: 10 Nightshade
Ancient Daemon Jerkin (Mid) AF: 102 ABS: 10 Str: 18 Dex: 18 Slash: 10 Body: 10 Shadowblade
Axe of the Balefire DPS: 16.50 SPD: 3.40 Axe: 4 Parry: 4 Str: 14 Thane Skald Shadowblade Berserker Warrior
Badge of Courage Parry: 3 Str: 6 Con: 7 Dex: 6 Berserker
Belt of Barbed Scales Int: 15 Hits: 51
Belt of the Dread Glow Str: 10 Con: 10 Piety: 10 Cha: 10
Black Sapphire Belt Dex: 21 Int: 21
Black Sapphire Bracer (Alb) Str: 10 Con: 10 Dex: 10 Cha: 10
Black Sapphire Bracer (Hib) Str: 21 Con: 21
Black Sapphire Ring Emp: 15 Hits: 51
Book of Chaos Int: 7 Emp: 7 Power: 3
Bracer of Dire Omen (Alb) Str: 21 Con: 21
Bracer of Dire Omen (Hib) Str: 21 Con: 21
Brilliant Adremal's Avernal Hammer Dam: 16.20 SPD: 5.50 Crush: 3 Polearms: 3 Str: 10 Con: 9 Armsman
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