Pull any number of BAF mobs w/ focus

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Pull any number of BAF mobs w/ focus

Unread postby PostBot » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:13 pm

You can pull any number of BAF mobs such as Fins (in hib) with focus, and get all your aggro on your pet via the method that i call the "Invite Method".

Basically, you make an invite macro for everyone in your grp thats not really important (remember, max of 2 people + 1 pet in grp). Also make a disband macro for each of those people. Disband them before each pull, and when you bring the pull back, invite em all back. This will allow you to pull 10+ mobs with a FG (great for Power leveling).


EDIT: Best part ... Mythic cant stop you from doing it either
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