FFXIV Map and Auto-Navigation

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FFXIV Map and Auto-Navigation

Unread postby Cooleko » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:48 am

I am looking for community help for getting my ini files up to date!
I have put together a map hack that shows you where you are on the map and allows you to auto-navigate the map at your leisure.

My programs may not work on x86 (32bit) systems. If anyone notices this, let me know and i will upload separate .exes for them.

First things first I will let you know what each of the programs does, starting with:

Has three buttons: Record, Load, Stop.
Resize-able and zoom-able map.
Record allows you to click the map and run to where you clicked.
-Press Record button
-Click on the map in as many places as you would like to sequentially visit
-Click start (same button as record button)
-You may chose to save your route, if you wish to save it you will be asked to name the route
-You may chose to save the reverse of your route (aka if you ran backwards), you can name this one too
-The route will be run

Load allows you to select from any of your saved routes
-Click Load button
-Select Route to load, click Run Coords button
-The bot then automatically chooses the best spot to join the route and follows to destination
-This means that you can be standing halfway through a route, and you will just start somewhere in the middle of the route

Stop allows you to interrupt any of the routes. (No pause support included)
-Yes I realize you can pause the program using the toolbar pause option, but this will not stop you from running (it will however resume running)

If you scroll the mouse while over the map it will zoom in or out.

FFXIV Radar Route Maker
Has two buttons: Start Recording and Stop Recording

If you click start recording, the program begins saving a route to be used with FFXIV_Radar
If you click stop recording, the program prompts you to name your route (forward and backward versions)
The program attempts to intelligently parse your route.
-If you run in a straight line for a long way the program will only parse a few points, if you turn your character many points will be parsed
-Do not worry about speed, the parsing is done based on distance traveled or angle turned, This means you can take as much time between moves as you desire. Just dont spin in circles or you will get many extra points

FFXIV Radar Offset Finder
Purpose of this tool is to generate the offsets needed to correctly display your current position on the map.
If you wish to add updated offsets to an old map, or new offsets for an unconfigured map, you will need to head on out to the zone you wish to play in.
An interesting note, you can still autonavigate maps without having the offsets needed, you just wont be able to see the map.
This tool requires the user to navigate to two extremely far away points on the map. Ideally, the opposite corners of a square. The reason for this is you want to get the greatest difference between the X and Y values to calculate correct offsets. The farther away the two points are, the more accurate the map display is.

So, you should run to a far point on the map and then 'find' yourself on the map. If the map has been configured already (but happens to be just a little off for some reason) you can hit "jump to offsets" button and correct from there.

Finding yourself on the map is very simple, notice the 4 small buttons '-' '-' '+' '+' ? These buttons move the map in the direction they appear (N W S E respectively) by an amount which is displayed in the drop down box (the default is 1000). You will drop the precision of the map adjustments the closer you get to your desired location, ultimately making very small changes with a precision of 1.

Once you have found yourself you hit Save Point A.

Run to the second place, Ideally as far as you can get X and Y from the first place. Find yourself again and hit Save point B.

Lastly, hit Calculate Image Offsets. If you are in a zone that already has offsets, you will be asked if you wish to overwrite the saved offsets. Otherwise, your offsets are saved in the ini file.

You can open FFXIV Radar and notice that it now shows you your current location on the map!

There you have it! All three programs to assist each other in getting where we want to go!

Ultimately, I will integrate this auto-navigation with gathering bots to make life easier for us gatherers. This tool is a wonderful addition for instances such as the rank 25 and 45 instances. If you notice, I have already included a map for Totorak that shows where all photocells and doors are! Unfortunately, I havent been able to go into the instance since writing the tool to get the offsets.

If you have spare time, please assist me in adding zones and/or auto-navigate routes to the ini file. Once you calculate the offsets just copy them from the ini file and post them here! I will grab any new additions and add them to the OP in a new link just for the ini so they can be copy and pasted!

The link for all the current ffxiv maps and the programs is FFXIV_Radar Tools + Maps
I hope you enjoy! Please provide feedback!

I keep forgetting to rip my chat tool out of my crafting bot and put it into the navigation bot. Until I do this you cannot chat while running. This is a simple copy and paste but I just havent needed to actually do it.

If anyone has a quality gathering bot they would like to have integrated into the nav bot, feel free to contact me.
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