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Powerleveling trick

Unread postby PostBot » Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:33 pm

Dunno if this has been posted before, but, powerleveling your character is easy.

You must have a high level main or a high level friend willing to help out.

Create a character on a seperate account, and log that player in windowed. place the 2 windows next to each other.
Take the new character and have him go to a good mission spot like broken shores, take your main or friend and roll a bunch of lvl 200+ missions in the area where you parked your newb.

Meet the newb, and the high level person MUST team the newb, NOT the other way around or it will not work. It will say "This character is too low blah blah" click ok and you will be teamed.
Get a mission key duplicator and dupe all the mission keys and give them to the newb. Then have the newb /follow the high level player into the mission.

Once both characters are inside the mission, have the newb stand in the corner (Do not attack with the newb, you DONT want aggro). Have the high level character pull a mob to the mission exit door. Have the high level char fight the mob right at the door, when the last hit is registered and the mob starts to fall, have the high level char zone immediatley. The lower lvl guy will get INSANE xp from each kill. Ding 1-19 in one kill even.

Get your character to 145 or whatever level is needed doing this trick, then just have them /follow you while killing hecks in ely/adonis to powerlvl them to 200 fast
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Unread postby ZoeF » Sun May 10, 2009 4:10 pm

This wil not be possible.

They nerfd xp to 1/10 of a level.
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