NOV 30 06

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NOV 30 06

Unread postby Burners » Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:46 pm

Still doing some major work to the website here.
You will notice attachments are now ascending instead of descending and what that means is that when you post up a bunch of attachments in one thread they will appear in the order you attached them in instead of by time stamp.

Attached pictures are now thumbnailed so try clicking on them to make them bigger.

Ive also been working real hard on the new console gamming section

Im downloading roms non stop to offer some of the most complete rom packages that you have ever seen.

Im also trying to gather as much good info on modding consoles and playing burned games etc... as I can.

Keep your eye on the gamming section because its where im putting all my effort right now.

Also expect to see the ffxi game and expansions for PS2 showing up for download in there as well.
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